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wrong manReviewed by Shelly

The second story in Delaney Diamond’s ‘Love Unexpected’ series picks up a few years after Book 1 and tells Shawna’s friend, Talia Jackson’s story. I don’t remember Talia in book 1, but it’s not relevant to the story and flows well with no history. Although Shawna’s story in book 1 was good, I enjoyed this story much more. As the reader, we get to see both the hero and heroine’s younger life, their history if you will, and we understand a lot more of where they’re coming from. For me, this creates a better bond with the characters and I get to feel a bit more of their ups and downs.

Talia’s grandmother raised her after her mother died in childbirth and her father died a few days after as the result of a car accident. Talia’s entire existence has been to make her grandmother proud; nothing else will do. Unfortunately for Talia, her grandmother is a hard taskmaster and making her proud is a constantly moving mark. It’s that old saying – never good enough.

We met Tomas Molina in book 1, but meeting him in that book doesn’t make a difference here because that was only an introduction and even though we get a glimpse at his persona there’s much more to him than meets the eye. Tomas is a Cuban immigrant – there’s a funny scene about his ‘immigration status’ and as someone who’s a legal immigrant, I had to laugh because it was pretty funny. Tomas’s reputation with the ladies is almost legendary, I’m talking restraining orders, and Talia knows this because he doesn’t hide it.

Recently divorced from her husband of 10 years, Talia is just 29 years old and already the VP of creative services at the marketing firm where she works. Wait, what? I told you she was driven to make her grandmother proud and yes, I was (still am) skeptical of the title at such a young age. Then that whole thing with her ex-husband got glossed over, but considering he’s 20 years older than her – think about his age when he married her for a second…  Talia’s recently divorced but they’ve been separated for a year before the paperwork was final, so when she’s ready to have her after divorce fling, Tomas is the perfect candidate.

The chemistry between Talia and Tomas was fun; they had a constant verbal war going. The teasing and sometimes flirting insults would fly back and forth and I never got the sense of any mean-to-hurt- you insults thrown, so it was all in good fun. After they have their first night of the sexing, Talia does what Tomas would expect all his women to do – she leaves. Except this time, he doesn’t want Talia to be just another notch on his bed post, but what’s a guy to do when he’s in over his head and has no idea how to treat this booty call?

Talia’s got a battle on her hands with grandmother’s expectations of who her mate should be. It can’t be a guy whose entire wardrobe consists of jeans and t-shirts. I felt Talia’s angst; she’s truly conflicted because Tomas is treating her so well (in and out of the bedroom) and she’s having the time of her life. By the time that her grandmother finds out about Tomas, Talia’s in too deep and decisions have to be made about who’s going to decide her future – she or grandmother.

Overall, a fun read that tip toes on class and not race. There’s a lot that was left on the table, but the overall feel good of the story just make it impossible not to like. If I could make one small request though, no more ‘Papi’ during sex, that’s disturbing to say the least.

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Rating: B

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The Wrong Man
by Delaney Diamond
Release Date: November 18, 2013
Publisher: Garden Avenue Press

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