Review: Ties That Bind by Pippa DaCosta

ties that binReviewed by Jen

I’ve got to say, so much has happened over the course of this series –so much build-up in so many storylines– I wondered how Pippa DaCosta was going to pull it all together with a satisfying ending. But somehow, she did it. At least, it satisfied me. Folks who really hoped for a different HEA may be unhappy, which is always the risk when your story has a love triangle. But for readers like me, who were conflicted, the resolution felt a little bittersweet, but… right.

The conclusion of book four really set everything up for the beginning of the end of the series.  If you’re not up to date on the series, stop here. I don’t want to spoil book 4 for you. Go back and start this series from the beginning and do it spoiler free. The twists are part of the magic. — Anyway, Akil is dead. Stefan is missing. And it’s finally time for Muse to face off with her father. It’s been coming for a long time. Now, Asmodeus is ready to move in to claim his half-blood daughter and Muse has no choice but to face the challenge head-on.

This book tackles every lingering thread. The demon princes. The King and Queen of Hell. Adam. Stefan. His mother. Dawn. Ryder. Everyone. Everything. And what I appreciated about how DaCosta did it, was there were no bait and switches here. All the previous books made us question who these characters really were. As the series draws to a close, I feel I know the answer. And it makes sense.

Muse has come so far. Seeing the fragile thing she was at the beginning of the series, I was convinced she would grow into something powerful. And boy, did she. She burned the world, just like I’d hoped — but she did it while still staying true to herself. The Dawn storyline, in particular, really showed us that the Muse of book 1 is still inside her.  It’s her dual nature that makes her such a powerful heroine and a character so easy to root for. But as strong of a character as she is, the secondary characters add such richness to the story. The love interests, of course, captivated me with their mysteries and glimpses of their raw emotions. But even lower tier character like Jerry and the Prince of Pride kept me glued to the page.

Simply put, this is good storytelling. It made me feel. It kept me engaged. If you try book 1 and it doesn’t wow you, at least give the series through the second installment to get you hooked. I’m so glad I kept reading. I burned through this series like a wildfire, but it was a captivating ride while it lasted. Would recommend to fans of urban fantasy.

Rating: B+

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Ties That Bind
by Pippa DaCosta
Release Date: April 20, 2015

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