Review: Wings of Hope by Pippa DaCosta

wings of hopeReviewed by Jen

This prequel novella was released after the Veil series was already in progress, so I waited to read it just in case it would affect how I viewed the characters or the storylines.  It would have been ok for me to start here, but it is more powerful as a flashback.

We learn early on book 1 that our heroine Muse has a tortured history from which she escaped. This is the story of how she makes that getaway. It shows us her meeting with Akil, the demon who changed her life… who taught her she had worth and how to fight. What’s interesting about this story is the perspective it gave me on Muse’s unusual relationship with the Demon of Greed. Part of me wondered how she could have such a draw to him –how she could have stayed with him for so many years. This story makes it easy to understand.

Basically, this is the beginning of Muse’s life, how she made it to the human world. It’s hard to see her as a slave, but it helps to watch her break her chains. Worth reading for fans and new readers, alike.

Rating: B/B+

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Wings of Hope
by Pippa DaCosta
Release Date: April 19, 2015

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