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Review: Wicked Pleasure Part 2 by Lora Leigh

wicked pleasure 2Reviewed by Jaimie

After the way Wicked Pleasure Part 1 ended, I couldn’t wait to get right into part 2 and Lora Leigh did not disappoint. We start learning more about what happened to Cameron Falladay when he was a teenager that made him the way he is, and man it is heartbreaking. I can tell when we get the full reveal it is going to be a tearjerker. If you haven’t already read my review of Part 1 be sure to go and check it out. [Read more…]

Review: Zip, Zero, Zilch by Tammy Falkner

zip zero zilchReviewed by Joanna

This is the sixth in the Reed Brothers series and the last I’m reading. It’s Sam’s turn to get tossed in love. He’s the last of the five brothers to fall and he’s probably the one I felt least connection with from the previous books. Sam’s a pro-football player earning a fortune for a NY team, though he’d actually much rather be baking. Cos that happens.

As all his brothers are settled and have, like, a million kids between them, Sam realizes he wants the same thing. He wants someone to snuggle with and to take home to his big empty apartment. He wants marriage and children of his own, and he knows just the girl for the role. [Read more…]

Review: Unbound Hearts by Michelle Lindo-Rice

unbound heartsReviewed by Shelly

This is the second book in Michelle Lindo-Rice’s IR ‘Able to Love’ series and is a Christian romance. I read the first one, Color Blind, back in 2014 and found a big problem with that one; the problem I had was that the heroine withheld vital information from the hero. The rich and powerful Saul was a bigot, plain and simple. Saul’s caucasian and doesn’t believe in the mixing of ethnicities (or the races if you must). [Read more…]

Review: Wicked Pleasure Part 1 by Lora Leigh

wicked pleasureReviewed by Jaimie

Wicked Pleasure: Part 1 is the first of three parts. The story is part of Lora Leigh’s Bound Hearts series and was previously released as one book. I love this series so I was looking forward to reading this one, and it had everything that makes Ms. Leigh’s books so great.

Jaci Wright has loved Cameron Falladay since she was too young to really know what love is. After tempting and teasing him for years, he finally takes her home prepared to follow through. There’s only one problem – he won’t take her unless his brother is there too. Not realizing she’s a virgin and that she doesn’t really understand what he intended, she runs when she figures it out. Her heart in pieces, she leaves town. [Read more…]

Review: Burn Down the Night by M O’Keefe

burn down the nightReviewed by Joanna

Okay okay – new favorite novel (of the month at least). Yow is my reaction to Burn Down the Night. It’s explosive, dark and gritty and you’re so sure everything’s just going to get worse, but MO’K clearly loves her readers and I’ve found a new author I’m just about ready to devour.

Joan’s a stripper and an avenging angel. She sets a series of bombs in the nightclub she dances in to use as leverage to get the location where drug dealer scum Lagan is holding her sister as one of his ‘wives’. [Read more…]

Review: Possession by Violetta Rand

possessionReviewed by Jaimie

Possession is the second book in the Sons of Odin series by Violetta Rand. After really enjoying the first book in the series, I was looking forward to reading this one and it didn’t disappoint. There is another badass heroine and a slightly damaged hero but they were great together! The story was fast paced, and we met the main couple in the first book so it was great to see their story.

Tina Bethel is a feisty young attorney who doesn’t have time for a relationship. But just because she doesn’t want commitment doesn’t mean she would turn down some no strings attached sex with the super hot guy she met on a night out on the town with her best friend. Despite pulling out all the stops though, he’s not biting. [Read more…]

Review: Kicked by Celia Aaron

kickedReviewed by Joanna

College American football is the setting for this novel but with an awesome twist – not only are there hot muscular guys to drool over, but our heroine, Cordy, is also on the team. She’s a kicker for the Billingsley Bobcats as it gives her a partial scholarship for college even though she’s all about regular football (soccer). The school needs to show equal ops; she needs the cash. Great set up. The problem is Trent, the super sexy team quarterback. He’s more trouble than Cordy needs. They’ve got something in their past and I was intrigued from the get go to find out what, because Trent is way into our girl whilst Cordy is not having any of it. [Read more…]

Review: Forgotten Secrets by Robin Perini

forgotten secretsReviewed by Jaimie

Forgotten Secrets is the first book in the Singing River Legacy series by new-to-me author Robin Perini. While the romance part of the book was secondary, I really enjoy a good thriller when it’s done properly and this one definitely was.

Riley Lambert became an FBI Profiler after witnessing her sister’s kidnapping when she was just ten years old, and by all accounts she’s one of the best. Her job is her life and finding out what happened to her sister has become an obsession. After a case ends badly, Riley is ordered to rest and take a breather. Her boss even goes so far as to block her access to the FBI database so she can’t work her sister’s case in the meantime. [Read more…]

Review: Lord of the Isles by Caro LaFever

lord of the islesReviewed by Jen

I don’t read too many contemporary romances, but I love the Beauty and the Beast trope, and the blurb convinced me to give this one a try. First of all, don’t read the blurb if you can help it. It spoils too much. Secondly, this is actually not a Beauty and the Beast retelling; at least there is nothing beastly about the hero’s appearance. He’s a bit broken and it shows in his behavior, but his scars are all emotional ones. Don’t get me wrong, I like a tortured hero too, but again, blurb-fail. [Read more…]

Review: Rock N Soul by Lauren Sattersby

rock n soulReview by Janell

A while back, I reviewed an asexual male/male romance. What could possibly compete with that? A male/male bellboy plus a rock star GHOST! That’s right. A real, live — I mean dead — ghost. Unfortunately there was no Patrick Swayze-type ghostly possession, but the characters do their best with what they have. [Read more…]