Review: A Fine Mess by Kelly Siskind

fine messReviewed by Joanna

Lily needs to break up with Kevin. Not just because of Sawyer, but yeah, definitely because of Sawyer. Our heroine is in a comfortable but past-its-sell-by-date relationship, and she needs to quit. The fact that her new design partner / boss is super-hot and she’s super in to him is only one of the reasons.

Lily’s a designer and her friend Shay hooked up with Sawyer’s friend Kolton in book one. You don’t need to read that, but it’s good and has bra-flinging, so why not?

Since then Sawyer and Kolton have opened a new store for the Moondog ski-wear brand in Toronto. This means Sawyer gets to spend a lot of time seeing and talking to Lily – the girl he’s crazy about but can’t ask out cos of damn Kevin.

And hey – this is dual perspective so we get to feel both of their frustrations at the situation. And we get to see just why Sawyer freaks when Lily finally becomes single. He’s from a dysfunctional background. The majority of the male side of his family are cheats, and he can’t do that to his beloved Lily.

Ah, the tension. I loved it! And I loved Lily too. She’s boho and cute with nervous habits a mile wide. She’s got issues with stress shopping and hoarding and she makes a sleep apnea snort sound when she laughs.

Sawyer, I liked a little less – at first. He’s immature and a bit of a ho and his eyes are everywhere, even when our girl is right in front of him. I was very pleased when the thought of her being single cockblocked him at every move. Not that he didn’t try; it just wasn’t happening. Ha.

By the end I loved him and was happy, but it’s a choppy ride along the way. I’d say Sawyer gets the rougher deal, but it’s not easy for Lily either, particularly with her anxiety issues. It’s a lovely HEA ending that had me smiling a ton with its cuteness. There’s a nice feeling of continued sisterhood and support from Shay and Raven, her friends. We don’t see much of Kolton, Shay’s man, but we do get Nico nicely lined up with Raven for book three.

Oh and ever tried sex on a paddleboard? Lessons contained within.

Rating: A-/B+

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A Fine Mess
by Kelly Siskind
Release Date: August 2, 2016
Publisher: Forever Yours


  1. Sounds like it was super good. What’s the first book? If it’s got good bra flinging we should all have it on our immediate TBR list

  2. Hey Patricia, it’s called My Perfect Mistake. Review here.
    There were some really great moments in this book too, plus some very cute ones. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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