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accidental gentlemenReviewed by Shelly

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Her Shirtless Gentleman. Rob and Nora were a fun couple to read. And as much as I loved book 1, the 2nd book in the series, An Accidental Gentleman, fell completely flat for me. I’m a Barber fangirl, and when I started reading this I immediately didn’t care for the heroine, Katherine ‘Kit’ Runyon. I can’t say that I found Brian Hendricks to be much of a hero either. I thought this might be like HSG in that it was a slow build and I would eventually feel the love but, yeah, I never did.

Kit is one of those women who doesn’t ‘do’ relationships; she’s more of a one night stand. Actually a night is too long and no bed it really necessary – a car will do. Driving behind Kit one random day on the road, Brian witnesses a blowout and stops to offer assistance to the driver of the truck. The driver is Kit and his lust goes haywire. There’s some banter between them, then they part ways with Kit telling Brian that she doesn’t date, she f*cks. Oh, that’s a way to keep it classy.

Brian begins a quest to find the one who got away. He didn’t get her name, but he remembers the moniker on the truck and tracks her down at the business where she works. It’s her family’s business; she’s 3rd generation. She’s working hard to make sure that everyone in her family’s taken care of. There’s a sister who’s moved back home with her children. There are lots of things that I should like about Kit, but it just wasn’t in me to. And I really didn’t understand Brian, because what he found attractive and redeeming about Kit didn’t work for me.

The plot actually moves well which is typical of Barber, but this time I can’t say that the flow of words did it for me; I found myself skimming paragraphs when the metaphors started getting more frequent. I can’t even say that the sexy times between Kit and Brian were fun, because when you don’t care about the characters those are just words on a page. Even the HEA didn’t convince me.

The revisit to Rob and Nora was quite nice and they’re just as fun as they were in their story.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: D

*ARC provided for review

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An Accidental Gentleman
by M.Q. Barber
Release Date: August 16, 2016
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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