Review: Didn’t You Promise by Amber Bardan

didnt you promiseReviewed by Joanna

Angelina and Haithem are back. This is book two so go back and read Didn’t I Warn You if you like sexy scientists with Big Secrets and Aussie girls who stow away on boats. The rest of this review is spoilery for book one, so be warned.

Our couple is on the run. Haithem’s magical energy-making device is in top secret production in multiple locations, and lots of people want him dead. Oil money is used by bad people around the world from governments to terrorists, and as soon as the energy cell is launched, their power base disappears. You can see why they wouldn’t want that. Phew, not much on the shoulders of our crazy-in-love couple?

If you read book one, you’ll know how they met and fell in love – they saw each other in a cafe in Melbourne and there was instant heat. Angelina accidentally stowed away on his yacht as he left Australia’s sunny shores, and for a while he thought she was a spy. But they fell in love, and now she’s his biggest concern. He has to keep her alive more than he needs to realize his father’s legacy. Angelina’s biggest concern is that she’s a hindrance to his life’s work and she’s making it so much harder for him.

“His sand poured over me. Killing me. Then the hourglass flipped over, and my sand flowed over him. Then he was the one drowning. Smothered by my mess.”

They travel incognito in foreign lands, deploying plans and devices to evade capture whilst getting separated, reunited and having hot sex.

Throughout the story there’s a background of Plan A’s and Plan B’s, but you get the feeling that Plan D is going to be enacted and that it’s going to maybe separate Haitham and Angelina forever. It built a tension, and I was waiting for the point where things got so bad they couldn’t continue.  I felt for our heroine as suave Haitham has all the control and unsophisticated Angelina pretty much has to go along with what he says.

There are themes of control and freedom, of protection and abuse of trust, plus an ever present fear of danger which kept me reading. However the two halves of the book felt differently weighted and midway the tension leaves and doesn’t really come back. But I liked the ending and the set up for the next book, which focuses on a different couple who we’ve already met as individuals.

Couple of bits that bothered me. Angelina is examined by a doctor at one point in the novel and they assume she’s been raped because of vaginal trauma. She hasn’t – it’s from sex with Haitham. Now there’s rough sex and there’s hurting someone to the point of scarring and this made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Oh, and squirting makes a debut in my reading history. Not sure I recall coming across that before. Nng.

Rating: B

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Didn’t You Promise
by Amber Bardan
Release Date: June 13, 2016
Publisher: Carina Press


  1. Shelly Browne says:

    Between the results of their rough sex and the squirting, this sounds interesting to say the least. Great review.

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