Review: Happily Ever All-Star by Sosie Frost

happily everReviewed by Shelly

This is a new to me author. When I started this story, I didn’t realize that this was a full (not novella) story. The kindle version that I’m reading also has these other stories by the same author – “Bad Boy’s Baby,” “Beauty and the Blitz,” “Once Upon A Half-Time,” and “Touchdowns and Tiaras,” a mini-novella. It’s an investment in reading time I wasn’t prepared to give. This was good enough that one day I might go back and read the others, but today I’m only interesting in the story with the blurb.

With football season around the corner, I was ready for a good football story. This is a good one. The heroine was actually smart and didn’t fall into bed with the hero with just a few words of whatever crap he was slinging that particular occasion, and the hero was quite fallible. This story tries to tackle the concussion problem that the NFL has, but it doesn’t get too preachy or even judgmental. Instead, Sosie Frost tells the story from both perspectives – the player and the medical professional. I can’t say that she told the NFL perspective – much appreciated by this reader.

RB Jude Owens, is new to the Ironfield Rivets’ roster. He knows that he’s in his last contract year, and he wants a ring, badly. He’ll do anything for that ring, including playing with symptoms that he hides. Most times, when you hide something, you already know that you’re doing the wrong thing, and Jude knew.

Aurora Regan, is doing her fellowship in neurology, and her program director (there’s a story there too) placed her in with the Rivets to evaluate players for concussion type symptoms. Rory’s known Jude since they were teen-agers. Jude is the childhood best friend of Eric, Rory’s step-brother. Eric’s also a football player, different team. Rory’s always had a thing for Jude, always. But as Jude got older, Rory realized that she will never be the light in his eyes, and she went on with her studies and her life. No wallowing, just acceptance.

Starting her fellowship, which is kind of big deal when you’re in specialized medicine, Rory is single and pregnant but she can’t say anything about the pregnancy because the responsibilities of that will definitely have tongues wagging – mainly ‘will she be able to keep up the high demands of both job and baby’. Valid question.

Jude decides to be her white knight and declare himself her boyfriend and the father of her child. There’s a lot to be said of that sacrifice because of their mutual past. Eric is quite angry and it affects both of his relationships – with Jude and with his sister Rory. There’s a glorious dinner scene that’s quite memorable.

Not only is Eric not happy, but Rory’s (step) mother is none too happy either, but for the exact opposite reasons that both Rory and I assumed. There’s a lot of moving parts to this story and it all worked. The story moves quickly and with purpose. The characters are fun and interesting to know. I thought the secondary characters added quite a bit of depth and helped to create multidimensional main characters who have friends, family and a life outside of the romance. There were moments I felt terrible for Rory and Jude separately and together. There were moments of laughter with some of the antics of Jude’s teammates (I’m looking at you, Lachlan).

This story took me by surprise with how good it is, and yes, the sexing was interesting – she’s pregnant and the belly is well represented.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B+

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Happily Ever All-Star
by Sosie Frost
Release Date: August 3, 2016

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