Review: Just What I Needed by Lorelei James

just what i neededReviewed by Jaimie

Just What I Needed is the second book in the Need You series by Lorelei James, and this series is quickly becoming one of my favorites! This story revolves around Trinity and Walker and I absolutely loved it. The heroine was quirky and fun, the hero was sweet and sexy, and I love Walker’s family. I’m really looking forward to reading all of their stories as well.

Trinity Carlson is an artist and when the book starts, she is having a spectacularly bad day. Just when she thinks it can’t get worse, her ex-boyfriend and his new flame come strolling in. Not wanting to look pathetic and alone, Trinity decides to just grab the next guy that walks in the door, and plant a steamy kiss on him. And in walks Walker.

Walker Lund is the brother of Brady from the first book. There are worse things that can happen to a guy than a smoking hot woman waltzing up to you and giving you a super hot kiss, so what’s a guy to do but go along with it? After talking to her for a while, Walker is very intrigued by the woman sitting with him.

When Walker’s cousin calls for help, he is sure to ask for Trinity’s number, but there’s just one problem. She had used a different name to fend off a couple of creepers earlier, and when one of them walks by and uses that name she doesn’t correct it. She also accidentally gives him the wrong phone number after just getting a new one that day. When Walker tries to call the next day, he discovers the phony info.

So many things to love about this book. The relationship dynamic between Walker and his brothers and cousins is both sweet and a little sad. Always Mr. Dependable for everyone else, he says nothing about his own wants and needs but is there for them whenever they need him. There are a couple of great scenes where things boil over and it played out perfectly. We also see a lot more of Walker’s parents, and during a particularly ugly scene Trinity has with her father and step-mother, it is so sweet to see them have her back.

Trinity is quirky and suffers from some serious anxiety. When her nerves get the best of her, she kind of freaks out and embarrasses herself. Walker is so sweet with her through her episodes. I also enjoyed the fact that they didn’t just hop right into bed together, so you have time to become invested in them as a couple. When they finally take their relationship to the next level, it is all kinds of hot. Trinity is also a bit more of a curvy girl and it’s always refreshing to have a realistic looking heroine.

Overall I am in love with this series, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next one. Lorelei James has done it again with this one!

Rating: A

*ARC provided by publisher

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Just What I Needed
by Lorelei James
Release Date: August 2, 2016
Publisher: Signet

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