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kickedReviewed by Joanna

College American football is the setting for this novel but with an awesome twist – not only are there hot muscular guys to drool over, but our heroine, Cordy, is also on the team. She’s a kicker for the Billingsley Bobcats as it gives her a partial scholarship for college even though she’s all about regular football (soccer). The school needs to show equal ops; she needs the cash. Great set up. The problem is Trent, the super sexy team quarterback. He’s more trouble than Cordy needs. They’ve got something in their past and I was intrigued from the get go to find out what, because Trent is way into our girl whilst Cordy is not having any of it.

We start the book in-match with Cordy messing up an attempt at goal. She’s the third string kicker so never expects to play, and when she has to, it all goes horribly wrong. After the match, Trent offers her advice and we switch to his PoV. He also provides her with some tempting information – if she practices more in the next few days there’s a chance she can become first-string kicker and get a full scholarship. As she can only get through college by incurring significant debt otherwise, this is huge. Corey’s friend Landon, a real ladies man, warns Trent off with some real macho stuff and I’m all about that, but Trent gets his way and Cordy agrees to let him coach her. But he wants so much more.

As they get closer things heat up between them and we learn this is a second chance romance. The first time it went badly because of something Trent did. Not saying it wasn’t douchy and the guy didn’t have other options, but he took the only path he could see and now he has all the making up to do to Cordy. She has to decide whether to forgive him. Except not all of the problems have gone away this second time around. And new ones arise to get in their way.

I’m not kidding how much I enjoyed this, particularly the first third. It was funny, sexy and right bang on the NA college fix that I love. The story has a rich boy/ poor girl twist. I’m not a huge fan of the guy’s money making, everything okay-type trope, and whereas there was a little bit of this, it wasn’t the focus or a big deal so I got over myself.

I liked Cordy and I very much liked her assessment of Trent. Big, muscled, kisses like the devil. Uh huh. See here when he goes up to do the coin toss at the beginning of a match.

“It was heads. Of course it was. Not even the whims of chance could deny Trent Carrington.”

It’s HEA, of course.

Rating: A for first third and premise. B for body of the book.

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by Celia Aaron
Release Date: July 28, 2016

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