Review: Made For Sin by Stacia Kane

made for sinReviewed by Jen

Like many other readers who will pick up this book, I am a huge fan of Stacia Kane’s Downside series. I knew this story wouldn’t be like those, but I like a good PNR and I figured that Kane’s talent would shine through in just about anything she wrote. I’m sad to say that I’m disappointed. Made For Sin isn’t bad, but it’s not especially good either. It’s kind of superficial in its character development. The romance is lackluster and insta-love. The pacing is uneven. And the ending just didn’t satisfy.

The premise was pretty interesting. Speare is a Las Vegas P.I. with strong ties to Lorenzo, a local mob boss. He also carries a demon inside him. That demon forces him to commit various sins to stay sane. The heftier the sin, the more relief Speare gets from the rage and noise inside his head.

Anyway, Lorenzo has tapped Speare to figure out who killed his right hand man. But the investigation turns out to be nothing like he expected. One murder turns into more. Body parts are missing. And someone is using a demon sword. That’s where Ardeth comes in. She is a specialized thief who Speare visits for tips on the sword’s origins. The two end up working together once the killers seem to start targeting them.

I was kind of meh about the execution. Speare’s a tough guy who doesn’t seem all that tough. Ardeth seems like she gets what’s happening with him –and is so totally understanding of his demon-induced behavior, that it made no sense. I kept waiting for it to come out that she already knew his secret, but apparently she’s just that awesome. So awesome, in fact, that these two were in love and changing each other’s lives in three days.

The sex was pretty good. And I liked it when the beast came out in the second half, but this book had none of the charisma and angst that Stacia Kane is capable of. This is an author whose stuff is so good that I have re-read chapters inside the same books over and over, just to savor them. And the fact that this is PNR shouldn’t change that. It doesn’t have to make the romance less believable, and it certainly doesn’t have to make the characters less fleshed out.

Oh, and there is no HEA. Not even a HFN, so maybe you can’t even call it PNR.

This was not for me.

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Made For Sin
by Stacia Kane
Release Date: August 30, 2016
Publisher: Loveswept


  1. I’m too bitter about it not being a Downside story that I’m not evening going to try it. LOL

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