Review: Silent Praise by Michelle Lindo-Rice

silent praiseReviewed by Shelly

This is the 3rd book in Michelle Lindo-Rice’s Christian IR ‘Able to Love’ series. I read the first one, Color Blind, back in 2014 and didn’t care for that because I couldn’t stand the heroine; then I read the 2nd in the series, Unbound Hearts, and even with a different heroine I still couldn’t stand her. So why not finish out the series, right? I will say I liked the heroine quite a bit more, but this time I couldn’t be distracted by a bad heroine because the writing made me wonder why I even bothered.

I’m not a fan of the insta-love and even in this Christian romance, I’m still not believing it. After pulling over banker Melanie Benson while she’s on her way to work, police officer Chase Dawson immediately feels the connection. Melanie feels something alright; she’s running late for work and she doesn’t date cops, so Chase is immediately out of the running.

I was drawn to read this because the heroine is deaf and I wanted to know how the author would convey that. As a child, around 5 years old, Melanie was repeatedly hit on both ears by a man she called ‘Uncle’. It turns out that Melanie’s mother was a bit of a drug addict who sold herself for money to support her habit. Well one night, Melanie woke up in the bed/closet (that’s where her mother made her sleep when ‘Uncle’ came over) because she had to pee and when she couldn’t wake up her mother, ‘Uncle’ was the one who woke up and started beating her, because the scared Melanie started peeing on the floor. When Melanie woke up in the hospital, she’d lost her hearing in both ears.

Fast forward – the adult Melanie has been raised by sweet and loving adoptive parents; although she has a love of dance and is quite good at it, the love for her parents comes before that and when her father becomes ill, Melanie sacrifices her dream to instead become a banker. I was kind of curious how her analytic gift for investment banking and the creative gift for dance worked, but it wasn’t brought up so I moved on.

Chase’s story is a bit scattered. His father is a police officer too, a good one apparently, but he has a violent and abusive past which culminated in a tragedy and subsequent retirement. It’s worse that you think. Over the past few years, Chase who’s was a bit of a man-whore (his words not mine) turned his life around in the only way that he could. So his purpose now is to find his one forever person and he thinks that Melanie is that one.

There’s a convoluted, straight out of a Lifetime movie, story about a missing deaf child, the child’s parents, Chase’s partner, and one of Melanie’s best friends which is what brought the Melanie and Chase romance together. The story had so much potential, but I found it choppy and at times incoherent. I’ve read good romances with a Christian base, so I know it can be done. It’s unfortunate that this just meh. The only saving grace in this is the HEA and the epilogue.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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Silent Praise
by Michelle Lindo-Rice
Release Date: April 2, 2015


  1. I’m not even sure what to say to that besides I think I’m going back to the new Kresley Cole for some death and destruction instead.

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