Review: The Princess and Her Alien Rogue by Harmony Raines

princess and her alien rogueReviewed by Shelly

I’m trying to mix it up a little bit by reading books that have a high chance of never normally being read by me. I’ll tell you a secret – that darn Amazon Kindle Unlimited is the culprit! They have so many books that can be read ‘free’ for a minimal charge. I was kind of against the whole idea in the beginning, but if authors are signing on for it, who am I to argue? So that ladies and gentleman is how I came to even find this book.

This is supposed to be set in the future, alien planet with no reference to earth at all. You know what sucks, folks? It sucks when a story about aliens has every earth slang in it with very little world building. Even the characters were really kind of meh and the plot was underwhelming.

The Princess Tallia is the only child of the reigning family on Carinia. Unfortunately, both of her parents are dead and she’s left without any other family, only the slaves that her family’s purchases over the years. Only a few of the slaves are loyal to her; it’s mostly the guards and there’s a single body/personal servant who have sworn loyalty to her and not the crown. The Emmissars, who more or less are supposed to provide counsel to the crown are enforcing a law that says that the ruler of their planet must be male.

Tallia’s not only not male, but she’s unmarried and the prospect of a male child is not in her immediate future. After a quick visit to the fortune teller/witch who tells her something about the moon and stars, Tallia finds a silver glowing tatted up Johar in the local marketplace and immediately proposes marriage for which he will be handsomely rewarded. He said yes. That was so incredible to me that he said yes. He didn’t question her or think about it for longer than a second – just ‘yes’ when he hears about the money. Okay… I guess no one trustworthy or available would marry Tallia.

Johar, it turns out, is a bit more than he appears. His history on his own planet of Limera includes secrets that he’s not willing to tell. He’s 7 feet tall, which was a ridiculous height to give this hero. I mean come on! It’s not like he even had one fight scene – he had nada. What’s the use of all that supposed power with the tattoos and the height, none of it was useful to protect Tallia from the Emmissars, who by the way are the worst bad guys ever.

The relationship between Tallia and Johar moved quickly. After her proposal, they were to be married the next day and it wasn’t too long after that the she realized that she cared for Johar. Instalove is rampant.

The horizontal loving and the HEA fell really flat and I was left with way too many questions about what would happen to the people of Carinia and if Limera would form an alliance with them. Would Johar ever be able to prove his strength? Would Tallia be able to have a child, much less a boy child?

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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The Princess and Her Alien Rogue
by Harmony Raines
Release Date: June 23, 2016

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