Review: Twice the Growl by Milly Taiden

twice the growlReviewed by Shelly

I have no idea what I just read. It’s so ridiculous and without logic that it blows my mind that I actually enjoyed it. There’s nothing in this story that makes a lick of sense. In Talia Barca’s world, shifters are a given; one of her favorite people, Geraldine “Gerri”, her neighbor and the owner of Paranormal Dating Agency is a shifter. Talia needs a date for a wedding; she wants a date with a good looking guy because her ex is going to be there and she wants to stick it in his face that she’s moved on. Gerri’s nephew, their pack Alpha and his beta, Theron and Connor, are looking for that 3rd member for their perfect triad.

I was a bit confused about something. Talia and Gerri are the only occupants on their floor. Talia’s lived in her building for quite some time, months at least and Theron and Connor are regular guests of their aunt. I was wondering why these 3 had never met before when Talia is a regular guest of Gerri, and Theron and Connor are regular guests of Gerri. Hmmm… After asking for her help with getting her a date, Gerri introduces Theron and Connor to Talia. They hit it off, stupendously well.

This is a novella, but there are a few long sex scenes between the 3. To be honest, it wasn’t always between the 3, a couple times it was between Talia and Theron. No time for Connor, I guess. The passage of time is told in the ‘a week later’ but those sex scenes were descriptive. I think if I would have rather gotten a bit more detail on the passage of time and less on the sexy times, I would have been more impressed with that.

So what really blew my mind was the ending. I had no clue it was coming nor was it even addressed that it was coming. And how did Talia know how to deal with that? Next time, this reader would appreciate a little bit heads up that we’re going from ridiculous straight into ludicrous. And yes, I’m reading the next one in the series – for kicks and giggles.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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Twice the Growl
by Milly Taiden
Release Date: August 29, 2014
Publisher: Latin Goddess Press

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