Review: Unbound Hearts by Michelle Lindo-Rice

unbound heartsReviewed by Shelly

This is the second book in Michelle Lindo-Rice’s IR ‘Able to Love’ series and is a Christian romance. I read the first one, Color Blind, back in 2014 and found a big problem with that one; the problem I had was that the heroine withheld vital information from the hero. The rich and powerful Saul was a bigot, plain and simple. Saul’s caucasian and doesn’t believe in the mixing of ethnicities (or the races if you must).

He allowed his only child, a daughter, to leave his life because of his prejudice against the daughter’s fiance who later became her husband and the father of her child. After a very bad accident which left him physically broken and blind, Saul’s physical therapist, Aniyah ‘Annie’ Sweeterman, begins to fall for him. He doesn’t know she’s black and she doesn’t know that she’s not his preference. The premise of that was based on a biblical passage – Saul journey to Damascus when he became blind. But I digress, because what bothered me about Annie in book 1 was that she didn’t tell Saul of her ethnicity until the last part of the book. That really got my goat.

This story, which is about gossip reporter Charmaine and QB Jasper. Their story is very different from the first book, but I found the same lack of character in both heroines. This time, Charmaine breaks into Jasper’s home to get pictures of some secret wedding that she and her newsrag were sure was about to happen, and through a ridiculous foot chase, Jasper ends up falling about 200 feet (long way to fall and live) but ends up having to have his legs amputated because of the amount of vascular and skeletal damage.

At the end of the book there are a series of book club questions that I thought would be fun respond to a few.

Q: Would you hire someone who was responsible for you losing your legs?
A: No, I wouldn’t because the guilt of seeing them every day would be too great. Even with the forgiveness that Jasper offered Charmaine, Charmaine knew she was in the wrong and couldn’t forgive herself.

Q: Do you agree with Jasper’s decision to forgive Charmaine?
A: Yes. Why not forgive Charmaine for her actions that created the loss of his legs. He’s not going to get his legs back, why hold on to that?

Q: What do you think of Charmaine’s personality?
A: I really didn’t like her and I actually found her to be immature and childish. She went from a paparazzi type reporter to a scourge on society because of what she caused to happen to America’s QB. Her pettiness not contacting her best friend until she needed her was so selfish. I was actually amazed they fell back into such an easy friendship. Then there’s her relationship with her mother which was one sided at best.

Q: This is a romance novel, so Jasper and Charmaine had their happy-ever-after ending. Do you think a romance between them was realistically possible?
A: Actually, I don’t, but that had nothing to do with the loss of his legs and everything to do with Charmaine’s lack of integrity. I understand losing your way, but I don’t understand losing your morals and ethics.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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Unbound Hearts
by Michelle Lindo-Rice
Release Date: December 4, 2014


  1. Excellent review Shelly, had me cracking up. This is the strangest premise for a HEA. Maybe the religion thing comes in to play where you just have to have faith they’ll last and he won’t resent her?

    • Shelly Browne says:

      The faith based part could have been played out much better. I think the author used it as a quick fix for the H/h’s HEA.

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