Review: Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh

wild embraceReviewed by Jen

I’m such a fan of the Psy-Changeling series. This anthology gives us a peek into the lives of (mostly) secondary characters whose stories have been waiting to be told.

Echo of Silence – This story takes place early in the series timeline, after the second book, Visions of Heat, but if you’re worried about jumping that far back in the series, don’t. This story stands up completely on its own, and it may be my absolute favorite novella in the series. It harkens back to those early stories where the Psy are still holding tightly to Silence. And though our hero’s Silence is fractured, it’s a secret that could cost him his life.

Stefan nearly joined the Arrow squad, but his psychological childhood trauma kept him out. Now, the powerful Tk works aboard an underwater station and does his best to maintain control at all times. That’s where he met Tazia, the human engineer who he feels inexplicably pulled to.  Tazia is nursing a broken heart, after she was rejected by her family. But these two forge a connection against the odds, while working together on a mission of mercy.

It’s so easy to move too quickly in a novella, but this love story never felt rushed. I believed in a genuine connection forming between these two, and I loved watching them both awaken to romantic feelings for the first time in their lives. This book would be worth buying for this story alone!

Dorian takes place over the course of several years and wraps up in the aftermath of Hostage to Pleasure. It’s basically a series of glimpses into Dorian’s life as he struggles with his inability to shift and he experiences the joy of changing into his leopard. Fans of this character will really enjoy this one. I did. It even made me a little misty.

Partners in Persuasion delves into the dynamics of a dominant and submissive changeling pair. In this case, it’s the female leopard, Dezi, who is dominant. Felix, a submissive wolf, has been burned before with this kind of relationship, and he has no desire to repeat the experience. But the attraction between him and Dezi is too powerful to resist. The story follows their dance as they try to navigate through the minefields of their very different natures. This one got off to a slow start for me, but it had some good sexual tension and a solid hero. I ultimately enjoyed it.

Flirtation of Fate is Garnet (Jem) and Kenji’s second chance at love story. These two were ready to make a go of things eight years ago when he not only bailed on her, but started going through women like it was going out of style. Now they’re thrown together, trying to solve a murder in her territory and all of the old feelings are back. But Garnet doesn’t know the real reason Kenji all those years ago, and this time, she won’t give up until she learns the truth.

I was kind of meh on this story. Maybe it was because I felt like the why of Kenji’s betrayal was super-obvious from the beginning, and I figured out the murder early on too. The romance was ok. But for me, this didn’t hold a candle to the first story of the bunch.

Overall, though, this collection is absolutely worth reading! Would totally recommend.

Rating: B/B+

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Wild Embrace
by Nalini Singh
Release Date: August 23, 2016
Publisher: Berkley


  1. Great review. I agree, the first was probably my favorite of the bunch. And the last – I figured it all out from the beginning. I was annoyed at Kenji for the lengths he went in the name of “protecting” Garnet. But still, love this series!!

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