Review: Broken by Camille Mackenzie

brokenReviewed by Shelly

This debut novel by Camille Mackenzie is actually quite good. The promise for good stories is there. What I didn’t know about Broken is that there’s a motor cycle gang/club involvement. The hero Roman Gage is a member and from what I can tell some kind of enforcer. The particulars escape me. This is my first and last motor cycle gang/club book because, to be honest folks, that’s not a segment of society I find interest in or certainly not entertaining. Roman is a construction worker by day and does what he does for his brotherhood by night.

Sora’s story is as complex as Roman’s. She’s from a wealthy family, think trust fund baby. She’s also running from a previous abusive relationship that left her in a bad place. Her ex-fiancée, David, is a Senator, but David also has a terrible temper and has serious mental issues that result in his lack of both morals and ethics. Sora was David’s personal punching bag. We don’t experience the trauma with Sora, I wish we did, but we get the after effects. After her escape, Sora’s hide out is a small town where she waits tables and sings the occasional song at night.

The dynamics between these two start out pretty hot and heavy. They have sex their first night meeting, no date or anything antiquated like that, just two random strangers meeting in a parking lot and deciding on a one night stand. After their initial sexing, there’s a lull in both of their lives and the mutual thoughts of meeting up again starts taking over. The thing is Roman’s club/gang is all Caucasian (at least they all look it) and the members don’t like any ethnicity other than their own, so for him to actually find himself attracted to a person of color was off putting. I had questions about his upbringing and belief system and how that didn’t seem to play a bigger role in his decision to be with Sora.

Sora’s initial lack of awareness of Roman’s real purpose for being in her town business and his affiliation with the gang/club is understandable considering when they were together, there wasn’t a whole lot other than sex going on. Speaking of sex, I could have done with less of that and more dialogue. I don’t mean the internal thoughts, I mean actual speaking to one another vs the thought filled 1st POV.

An interesting POV that I enjoyed was Roman’s alter ego ‘Beast’. Roman’s previous life included a long spell as a street fighter and he was fierce. Beast is absolutely awesome and when he’s on – He. Is. On. That last scene with the Senator seemed a tad bit… real because I’m quite certain that the Senator’s outcome could/does really happen.

I enjoyed Sora and Roman, very much so, but I couldn’t help thinking that their story could have been more fulfilling to this reader. I want to read the next books in the series – Nikki/Alec’s and Jada/Chase’s stories – but only if they’re not motorcycle gang/club themed. I’m hoping the story writing potential moves from good to great.

There are enough syntax errors that distracted momentarily. Hopefully editing will improve by the next story. Fingers crossed.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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by Camille Mackenzie
Release Date: August 21, 2016


  1. I am awaiting with bated breath – Darkly Desirable 2.
    Usually, I do not read cliffhangers, but I am so pleased that I read this one.
    When will Book 2 be available?
    How many books are in this series?
    Also, I hate that I am “cheering for” a psychopathic murderer.
    But … Nomi + Garrin = True Love Forever.
    Write on, Camille Mackenzie!
    “Imagination, who can sing thy force?
    Or describe the swiftness of thy course?”
    ~ Phyllis Wheatley

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