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Guest Review: Challenging Destiny by Cherie Colyer

challenging-destinyReviewed by Ronelle

This. Book. Was. GREAT!

No, seriously, it was. I don’t usually read YA novels—I tend to find the characters angsty and one-dimensional—so I didn’t go into this with super high expectations. But I got a free copy, so I thought “hey, why not?”

Wow, was I blown away!

The story is told from the alternating perspectives of Logan and Ariana Ragsdale, a brother and his exactly-two-years-younger-sister. Disaster has followed them since childhood and they’ve lost everyone they’ve ever loved—except one another. They’ve learned to fend for themselves, trust no one, and to hide that there is something different about them. (Turns out that, in addition to matching birthmarks, Logan and Ariana share the ability to control others’ minds by simply suggesting what they want.) [Read more…]

Review: Her Survivor by Vonnie Davis

her-survivorReviewed by Shelly

I can’t remember the last time I read a satisfyingly good SEAL story, so when I saw the blurb on this story, I think a hooyah might have escaped my lips. This is my first Vonnie Davis story and I was really excited by a few things – 1) content 2) new author as I’m always looking for another good author to read 3) in your face alphaness (yeah, that’s a word). [Read more…]

Review: Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews

magic-bindsReviewed by Jen

The books in this series blow me away. Every. Time.  I don’t just say that because I’m a total fangirl who thinks Ilona Andrews can do no wrong. To be fair, I am a total fangirl, but there is a REASON for that.  Kate Daniels rocks my socks off. This book is the most satisfying and entertaining thing I have read all year.  Books like these are why I read. I didn’t want to stop reading to go to bed… to go to work… to feed my kids. (You get the idea.) [Read more…]

Review: This Same Earth by Elizabeth Hunter

this-same-earthReviewed by Jen

I had a very difficult time at the beginning of this book. By that, I mean that I wanted to throw my e-reader against the wall and perhaps drop an anvil on top of the hero’s head. And if you read the first book in this series, and if you rooted for B and Gio in any way, shape, or form, you will feel the same way. Halfway through the book, I was still mad. I wasn’t sure I was going to get past it. Eventually… begrudgingly… I did, but I’m still a little resentful about all of the angst. [Read more…]

Review: Counterbalance by Aidan Wayne

counterbalanceReviewed by Jen

This is the second time I’ve been reeled in by a blurb on an Aidan Wayne story. It’s the second time I was totally bummed to realize that it was only a novella instead of a full length story. And it’s the second time the two heroes don’t really seal the deal on page.

But. Just like with the first novella I read from this author, both heroes are sweet and likeable. They’re an unlikely pairing, but they fit. They fill a void in one another, and because of that –and because of their vulnerabilities– it’s so very easy to root for their HEA. [Read more…]

Review: Crucible Zero by Devon Monk

crucible-zeroReviewed by Jen

This third installment in the House Immortal series was an action packed ride that kept me invested and engaged from the first page to the last. The story has changed in so many ways from the events of book 1, but at its core, this is still about Matilda’s quest to save the people she loves by embracing her power as one of the galvanized.

Devon Monk really turned everything on its ear at the end of the last book when Matilda’s time travel fractured her world into different realities. It was kind of sad to lose all the people she loved in the first book, but it was so interesting to see them all come back here in new incarnations. I liked how the characters maintained their core personalities as the variables around them shifted. This, as the changes left us so many questions about who to trust and what might happen next. [Read more…]

Review: Perfect Chaos by Nashoda Rose

perfect-chaosReviewed by Joanna

Georgie was sixteen when Deck, her brother’s best friend and military team leader, paid an awful visit to tell her family their son, her beloved brother, was dead. Sweet Georgie went crazy, hurtling off the rails in her grief. In the following years, Deck kept close to her sassy new persona, pulling her out of trouble and saving her ass on multiple occasions. He made a promise to Conner to look after his baby sister, and especially to not let her date guys like them. Well, that dog just ain’t gonna hunt.

Georgie sasses Deck (she calls the big guy “Sweet Pea”) but deep down has always had a thing for him. But he’s as hard as steel, inside and out. He’s never going to yield to what she really wants, so she needs to cut him off. [Read more…]

Review: Destined for a King by Ashlyn MacNamara

destined-for-a-kingReviewed by Janell

You should know that I don’t read fantasies. Generally, I don’t enjoy books with invented words, maps, and/or glossaries. But I was in a slump and thought that this sounded different, yet not too different. It has some invented words, but no appendices, and the poppy plant is still a pain reliever. So here we go.

Calista is the daughter of some minor nobleman guy who’s in charge of Blackbriar Keep. In a political maneuver, she’s been promised to the king, an old guy she’s never met. When the book opens, Calista is in armor, defending the keep from the invading Bastard Brotherhood. She manages to send an arrow into the thigh of the leader, Torch, but the castle falls anyway. [Read more…]

Review: Thane’s Redemption by Nina Crespo

thanes-redemptionReviewed by Joanna

This is an unusual book.  Not bad, but slightly conflicted as to its identity. It’s a romance involving a time-traveling rock band. Who are ex-military. And now deployed by an ancient being to fight deadly events in the future. If you put it like that, it sounds crazy, but it was interesting and definitely a brave attempt to bring something new to the genre. [Read more…]

Review: Savage by Kat Austen

savageReviewed by Shelly

This is my first Kat Austen story. This is not my first Tarzan/Jane story. My expectations from the blurb were more in line with the traditional storyline. The premise of the Jane/Tarzan scenario on a deserted island was interesting enough for me to give this one a go.

This is a very short story about 24 year old Jane. Jane’s an RN who has had enough of people and civilization. Interesting choice for a profession when you don’t like people and too convenient when she’s on the island. [Read more…]