Review: Aaron’s Honor by Lindsay Cross

aarons honorReviewed by Joanna

This is book 8 of the Men of Mercy series of quick reads. I picked up the last, Ethan’s Promise, at random and enjoyed it, but if I hadn’t read that one, I think I’d have been somewhat lost.

In Aaron’s book, we pick up after a wedding that went wrong. Celine, a beautician, and Caroline, senator’s daughter and bride to be, were kidnapped and taken abroad. Aaron’s crew had been at the wedding as security and clearly managed to do a bad job.

Celine and Aaron had kissed before the wedding, but he’s always been a lone wolf, and he backed the hell away. Since she’s been taken, he’s all crazy to get her back. This book starts two weeks into the kidnapping ordeal.

Aaron is on the hunt, a crew of hot military specialists behind him. He regrets the way he handled Celine’s kiss and now he’s insane with anger, wanting her back. The kidnapper, the notorious Mr. J who’s tried to take the team out a couple of times, is on Aaron’s shit list for real now.

This is a rescue story with a dedicated hero-like lover. It could’ve been exciting, but I didn’t love it in the same way I enjoyed Ethan’s book. The initial desert set-up didn’t interest me, and I didn’t like Celine. Here’s an example of why – post rescue (not a spoiler, of course she’s going to get rescued), after a terrible ordeal, she’s more worried about her looks and having luxuries around her than anything else. I can’t get on with a heroine like that.

The end of the book was in a better setting and I liked it more but still had issues. Like the location of their first proper kiss. I like a good kissing scene, it can make or break the romance for me.

Spoiler. He kissed part of her passionately. It was not the lips on her face. Whereas that’s all well and good, I needed face action before… other action. Know what I mean?

The love is guaranteed and the action to the point. The story continues with the rest of the team who still need to capture Mr. J, and find their own lucky ladies. I’m not sure I’ll read on.

Rated: C

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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Aaron’s Honor
by Lindsay Cross
Release Date: July 21, 2016


  1. Wait– he was in charge of security and she got kidnapped and she didn’t punch him in the balls first thing post rescue because hello? poor work ethic on his part got her kidnapped in the first place? SMH.

  2. I know. Tbf he doesn’t come off as the smartest tool in the box cos there’s several examples of people getting the better of him. But he’s got a good heart and that’s important too lol

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