Review: Aflame by Penelope Douglas

aflameReviewed by Joanna

This book is a big deal to fans of the Fall Away series. If you haven’t read book three, Falling Away, look away now.

We good? Okay. So Jared left Tate – shock, horror after how obsessive he was over her, and she over him, but stuff got real and he walked away.

As series followers will recall, Jared went into a military academy to make something of his life. Tate’s plans to become a doctor meant he didn’t want to be the unsuccessful husband she was embarrassed by. But our boy hated the academy and in a terrible scene in Falling Away, Tate found this out when his brother, Jax, yelled it at him. Families, smh. This caused a big fight and everything went wrong.

Jared always planned to return when he felt worthy of Tatum, and after a catch-up prologue, Aflame starts. Jared’s now a famous motorbike racer with his own business, but his timing in coming back to town couldn’t be worse. Tate moved on and we’re back to the love/hate tension building / negging that sucked me into this series.

We get dramatic and fast scenes at the race track (Tate still races regularly); we get all our old friends, our cast of couples from the other books in this series; and we’re almost immersed in Bully all over again. (‘cept everyone’s more grown up and have jobs n stuff.)

Above all this, we get a full repeat of Tate and Jared’s passion in this unapologetic revisit to an epic love story. This book is dual perspective, and though short, packs an emotional punch. That’s one of the strengths of these novels – just how all-encompassing the feelings are. The journey you have to go on with them. And the sex. Uh huh. Just as off-the-scale as before. If you like second chance romances, you’ll love this. Can it be read as stand alone? Yeah, probably. But don’t. Go read Bully (book 1). Just do it.

I liked how things had moved on in the Tate-Jared world, I liked seeing my other favorites and I accepted the premise for the book happily. Once I got over the initial upset that the solid couple had been shaken.  It was for good reasons. Am I sure that they are HEA now? Yes! Cos I read a secret hidden scene on PD’s website that proves they made it and shows the lives of their children. And on that note…

There’s so much potential here for mischief with the spawn of the Fall Away crew. As you may know, Ms Douglas has signed a contract for a whole host of further stories involving these kids, though somewhat more grown up, and I for one am going to be first on that reading list when they are published.

Rating: B+

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by Penelope Douglas
Release Date: April 21, 2015
Publisher: Penguin

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