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delinquent-daddyReviewed by Shelly

Elora Trent is in for the surprise of her life. So too is Boston Kincaid. Elora’s daughter Cassidy has written a nice little note to Boston’s brother, Montgomery, asking a very simple question – are you my Dad?

I’m a fan of Linda Kage’s work; I’ve read a few NA and contemporary stories (the ‘Tommy Creek ‘ series¬†is my fav) from her that I’ve throughly enjoyed. This is one of those stories where I wasn’t disappointed by the heroine in the ‘hero wasn’t aware of child’ trope.

Ellie and Boston went out for a few months while both attended state college. Boston was an outgoing senior, already with set plans for law school. Ellie as an underclassman was just getting started. I’m not sure of her future goals because it really doesn’t matter. Ellie got pregnant by Boston and whatever plans she had were derailed by that pregnancy. What’s even more, Ellie is not from either a rich or even a financially secure family so money would be a big factor. After having lost her parents, at the same time, when she was much younger Ellie went to live with a distant relative who lived in a trailer and there she stayed for many years. Her struggles as a single, new mom were expanded on, but we know that money is not easily attained. Ellie’s not resentful or blameful of this – it just is.

After telling Boston that she’s pregnant, his incredulous disbelief is quite surprising to Ellie because she was quite sure of her feelings for Boston and she thought she was clear on his feelings for her. She was wrong and Boston was a complete a*s. He didn’t believe her and so when a situation presented itself, Ellie helped Boston make the decision he wanted to morally make.

Fast forward 10 years and that’s where this story shines. Boston finds out that he’s got a kid, a daughter, and he quickly goes to where she lives. He doesn’t pause; he just goes and it’s a powerful reunion between him and Ellie and a touching exchange between father and child. There’s a lot of emotion that Boston expresses and he doesn’t really¬†pull any punches with Ellie’s decision to not tell him of his child. I really enjoyed his anger but let me say this – young Boston was a class A jerk. But the grown up Boston was penitent and I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy getting to know the grownup Boston. He grew into a good man.

Single mom Ellie was scared of one thing and that was losing her daughter to her child’s father. There’s enough history and story to tell why the younger Ellie made the life changing decision and although I can see her rationale I’m not in agreement of keeping Boston’s child from his for 9 + years. That wasn’t fair to either child or father. When you don’t give someone information so he/she can make an informed decision – well, that’s just not a nice thing to do.

The back and forth between Ellie and Boston was quite fun and good. I was never disappointed or even called BS any sequence of events that progressed the storyline. The chemistry between H/h was good, their sexual culmination was satisfying – it wasn’t quick or overly prolonged. Thank goodness!

I must say about the neighbors, Nora and her son Keller, I wouldn’t mind reading something good about them – especially Nora. And although I’m sure that the accompany book about Cameron and Olivia is thrilling I liked them just fine in this.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Delinquent Daddy
by Linda Kage
Release Date: October 18, 2010
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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