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infinity bellReviewed by Jen

This book ends in such a vastly different place than it began, I have to give credit to Devon Monk for the fearless way she takes things in an entirely new and unexpected direction. Infinity Bell is a bridge between the first book in this trilogy and the last –and it definitely feels like the transition it is. The pacing is a little uneven at times –and it felt like a lot of building to get us ready for the last book. But this journey kept me engaged and rooting for our heroine, all the way up to the twist at the end.

The story picks up right where House Immortal left off. Don’t start the series with this book. Don’t even read this review if you haven’t read that book. Just go back to the beginning of the series.

Anyway, Matilda is on the run with her brother, the Neds, and a gravely injured Abraham. A price is on all of their heads. They need medical attention. And worst of all, the experiment that created the galvanized is finally about to catch up with them. If Matilda’s brother Quentin can’t figure out a way around it, every one of the galvanized –Tilly included– will die in a matter of days.

So the story follows their escape from Hong Kong to California, then on to Kansas, never knowing who to trust, as they forge tighter bonds among themselves. That’s good news for Matilda and Abraham. The first book only gave us the promise of something more than the single kiss they shared. And I enjoyed watching their connection turn into something more. (Even if the big payoff happened off page.) I’m fascinated by Abraham. I wish we could have just a little taste of his POV. It’s clear that he’s moved by Matilda; that she is bringing something special to his life. I hope we can explore that more in the next book.

As for Matilda herself, she remains pretty consistent with the woman we have come to know. But it’s cool to finally see her interact with her big brother. It’s also cool that she is finally ready to go after what she wants in Abraham.

I liked getting to know the Neds a little better this time around –and Quentin too. Our villain is pretty one dimensional, but he’s still around, trying to destroy our band of travelers. None of this, of course, holds a candle to what happens in the last few chapters. I won’t spoil it. But I will say that I am so glad the next book is already out, so I don’t have to wait to dive in and see what happens next. No one can call this story predictable.

Rating: B

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Infinity Bell
by Devon Monk
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Publisher: Roc

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