Review: Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen

rookie moveReviewed by Joanna

This was a book I was excited for, so when it came in I did a little jig of joy. And as I started reading, I knew I’d be a happy girl.

Rookie Move is the first in Sarina Bowen’s new Brooklyn Bruisers series, which picks up some of the characters from the Ivy Years series plus adds a whole bunch of new ones. If you haven’t read any of IY, you don’t have to, these are all standalone (though you should cos they’re great). This is still centered on ice hockey, but we’ve moved away from the college set so it’s not NA any more. The work is more mature, and I found it fresher.

Georgia Worthington has an interim role as publicity director for the Brooklyn Bruisers and is trying hard to prove herself so she can get the job permanently. She’s smart, hardworking and a little hard-nosed and I warmed to her right away. Particularly, as the book opens, she’s having a pretty awful day in her job which she’s having to navigate wearing dreaded high heels. The team is taking on a new coach who just happens to be Georgia’s father, but they are also taking on a surprise new rookie player – Leo Trevi. Only the love of her life until she dumped him six years ago.

Georgia has set up a press conference for the coach reveal and Leo gets tacked on as an additional announcement. Our flabbergasted girl needs this to go really well, but a somewhat shocked Leo manages to not notice the microphones in front of him as he takes the team captain to task for talking smack about Georgia – by saying she’s the love of his life. In front of the sports journos. And the gossip press. And a ton of snapping cameras.

I really felt for the girl. This could not have gone worse. Not only is she reeling from seeing Leo’s handsome face again, she also has to handle the fallout from the press interest in them, rather than in the new coach or the egotistic billionaire owner of the team. Ouch.

Now our hero and heroine have a fair amount of history. Georgia broke up with Leo after she was raped at age eighteen. It was an awful and tragic event and their relationship, despite the huge amount of love they had for one another, was part of the fall out of the attack.

So this is a second chance novel, but it’s not all plain sailing. Leo has an ex, Amy, to contend with. I hated her in the Ivy Years series. She’s such a wannabe. Also, Georgia’s dad, Coach Worthington, hates Leo and as new coach, that’s obviously bad news for his emerging career. Coach Worthington used to be Leo’s mentor, so it’s a mystery as to why the guy turned against him.

This is hugely romantic and I just wanted to hug it. There’s also a fair amount of humor. Becca’s Georgia’s bestie and has this to say: “I’d go gay for you, hon, but adoption is expensive. And then there’s the matter of your not having a dick.” “It’s always something with you.” Is Georgia’s reply.

Overall this is a happy and uplifting novel with an ending that made me grin. There’s lots of leg room for further characters to develop and shine, and I’m already looking forward to Hard Hitter, the second book due 2017.

Rating: A

*ARC provided by publisher

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Rookie Move
by Sarina Bowen
Release Date: September 6, 2016
Publisher: Berkley

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