Review: Savage by Kat Austen

savageReviewed by Shelly

This is my first Kat Austen story. This is not my first Tarzan/Jane story. My expectations from the blurb were more in line with the traditional storyline. The premise of the Jane/Tarzan scenario on a deserted island was interesting enough for me to give this one a go.

This is a very short story about 24 year old Jane. Jane’s an RN who has had enough of people and civilization. Interesting choice for a profession when you don’t like people and too convenient when she’s on the island.

Jane decides, without telling anyone including family, that she’s going to buy a boat and sail out of Cambodia. The Cambodia angle didn’t make sense to me, and I’m not even sure where Jane was from other than she’s blonde and blue eyed; that usually means – smoking hot, right? So after buying a boat and taking off to parts unknown, Jane sails into a storm that she can’t escape. Her boat capsizes and she’s left to fight her way to survival. Seeing a far off island, Jane’s only hope is make it to that island. After washing up on shore, our fair Jane is rescued by a mute but handsome stranger who she later dubs ‘Tarzan’.

Tarzan –aka Grant– is a young (I think) oncology pediatrician who, like Jane, became disillusioned with people and civility. I’m not sure what he expected going into oncology much less pedi oncology. But you can start to imagine the convenience of his skills while marooned on the island. I’m not 100% sure of his island arrival but he’s been there for years. After the dramatic rescue, the two virgins get to know each other for a few weeks then they start having not so virgin sex. Along the majority of this time, the POV is Jane’s only and so only her thoughts are known. I didn’t like her. I couldn’t figure out her reasoning for wanting to stay on the island other than she just didn’t want to be around people. Why? But then I decided – cool, I don’t wanna be around you either Jane.

Then there’s Grant who’s reason for not speaking full sentences as some kind of… well, I can’t say because that would be a spoiler. But suffice it to say, I didn’t really buy it. The thing with this Jane and Tarzan story is that it’s high sex quantity, low character or plot development.

And that ending, I’m trying to figure out how their children would find (non-related) mates or maybe it’s some kind of taboo direction.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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by Kat Austen
Release Date: August 26, 2016

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