Joint Review: Reapers Mate by Celia Aaron

reapers-mateReviewed by Joanna & Ronelle

Joanna – Here’s a short and sweet read of Grim Reapers and angels, just in time for Halloween. I’ve liked other work by Celia Aaron, so when this popped up on the request feed, I was excited to dive on in.

Ronelle – Unlike Jo, I’ve never read anything by this author before, and I also rarely read novellas. But the synopsis intrigued me. Plus, It’s October, so why not? Grim Reapers felt pretty appropriate.

Joanna – So, to the story. Annabelle’s a party planner in New Orleans. Her prestigious French Quarter Halloween event is in full swing when, amongst the guests dressed as sexy fairies or killer clowns, a seven-foot tall dark-haired hunk of lovin’ comes.

Mathieu is ancient, single minded and sexy. And he’s a reaper – there to collect souls. Now Annabelle might only be twenty-eight, but her time is up. Problem is, when Mathieu gets closer to the curvy brunette, he realizes something crucial – she’s his mate. The one person he’s fated to be with. The game has to change. He needs to claim her and save her.

This was easy to read and managed two longish sex scenes and a fair amount of kissing in the ten chapters. The instalove was complete and the ending HEA. If you fancy something on the Halloween topic but with zero frighteners, this might suit you.

Ronelle – I’m glad I picked this one up! The length was appropriate for the amount of plot and there weren’t a lot of superfluous characters to muddy the waters. Matt is hot and not at all the brooding, tortured soul or heartless, bloodthirsty predator one would expect of a Reaper. Annabelle is great; she’s assertive in her position and she feels real and relatable. She isn’t the waifish, perfect woman found in a lot of romances, and her body image issues are something I can very much relate to. As for the instalove… I’m fine with it in a novella and it worked well here, especially since it was a bit one-sided at first.

The sex scenes in The Reaper’s Mate are down-and-dirty, get-right-to-it, make-your-toes-curl stuff. If ‘cunt’ and ‘dick’ make you blush, this probably isn’t for you.

Ronelle’s rating: A

Joanna’s rating: B-

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Reapers Mate
by Celia Aaron
Release Date: October 9, 2016

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