Review: A Fall of Water by Elizabeth Hunter

fall-of-waterReviewed by Jen

I have really enjoyed the Elemental Mysteries series –and this final installment completely satisfied. I’ve read some reviews that liken these books to a more grown-up Twilight, and in some intangible way, I can see the comparison. There is something about the tone… the need these two characters have for each other that’s similar. How this immortal man’s life changes utterly in loving this human woman and how she becomes even greater as she joins his world. There are other parallels, too, with vampire families and dangerous, political ancients. But this is very much its own story. And Beatrice is such a force as a heroine, no one could ever mistake her for an awkward teenager.

If you are a new reader, by the way, this book is no place to start the series. Go back to the beginning. You’ll be glad you did.

Anyway, we pick up here with our characters trying to move forward from the tragedy of the last installment. They’re still trying to solve the mystery of the elixir and who is helping Lorenzo with his push to make it a reality. That means taking a trip to Rome, where Gio was built into the immortal he is today. It means meeting his sire’s wife. And looking into the past to see the future.

There are a ton of flashbacks here, and with them, we get to know the vampire who turned our hero and the means in which he shaped him into his ideal son. These looks back also give us a chance to see another side of Lorenzo. You could almost feel sorry for him when you learn what drove him to his hate.

There is also a lot happening in the present. Political manipulations. Betrayals. Plenty of action. But it’s all a backdrop for the character stuff you care about. The epic love between Gio and B. Big changes and questions for Carwyn. Some quality time spent with Ben –who is growing up to be an interesting character in his own right. Plus, some fascinating new vampires with answers to the questions we’ve been asking since the beginning. I did miss some of the supporting characters who couldn’t come along for the international trip, but I hold out hope we’ll see more of them in the series spinoff.

It really is a great ride. And a satisfying ending. I would recommend for fans of PNR who don’t mind a slow burn when it pays off big in the end.

Rating: B/B+

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A Fall of Water
by Elizabeth Hunter
Release Date: June 5, 2012


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