Review: A Fool For You by Katee Robert

fool-for-youReviewed by Joanna

Here’s a second-chance romance / surprise pregnancy trope by an author I’ve come to expect steady quality from. This novel follows Hope and Daniel, high-school sweethearts who should’ve had everything, but they split after a terrible car crash which killed Hope’s brother. Daniel was driving and took responsibility for the crash. In the thirteen years since, he’s been a shell of his former self.

Hope moved to Dallas, but she’s back in town to set up a scholarship in her brother’s memory. She’s a very worthy heroine, kind and sweet without much bite to her. Her gammy leg (from the same crash) means she really shouldn’t chase after Daniel when he bolts from her at their first meeting (sneakily organized by their friends / previous-series couples). Luckily, he swoops in to pick her up when she takes a tumble to the ground.

The couple get physical within minutes. Yeah, it felt a little rushed. There wasn’t much by way of build-up or passion – they hadn’t seen each other for thirteen years and other than embarrassment and a tiny bit of thinking how good the other looked, they get it on. But it’s okay, this happens for story reasons as, uh-oh, Hope gets knocked up. Daniel had done a bad job of keeping his condom supply fresh and his wallet offering had degraded and failed. Tsk.

Daniel is thrilled and sees this as a second chance, but Hope doesn’t live in the small town anymore and doesn’t know if she can trust her ex. I’m with her on that. The relationship building mostly consisted of sex and trying to settle into a routine as if they’d not spent the last 13 years apart. I didn’t read much in the way of ‘tell me about yourself’ conversations or anything which would cement them together.

Overall, this book didn’t work for me being too light on emotion and too sexed up (‘Is that possible?’ you might ask. Yes, in some cases, it is.) I did like how Hope’s injury was described and her emotional response to having her scars seen. That was well thought through. I also liked seeing glimpses of the previous couples, and how they’re getting on.

It’s a short read. I got through it in a couple of hours on a plane, so if this trope is your thing, the quality of writing is still pretty high, and it’s HEA with limited drama.

Rating: C+

*ARC provided by publisher

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A Fool For You
by Katee Robert
Release Date: October 3, 2016
Publisher: Entangled

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