Review: A Real Man: Volume One by Jenika Snow

real-manReviewed by Shelly

All of the stories in this series are basically a porn script, absolute smut. The novellas are HEAVY on the sex and the dialogue screams porn. But I must say, the one thing I appreciated is that there’s no sexy time with anyone outside of the couple. Small victories folks, I’ll take them as much as I can get them. Snow does gave fair warning in all of these stories – it’s insta love/lust, everything is insta and zero conflict/drama. And of course, there’s tattoos, lots and lots of tattoos.


Jake’s been living a barren life, except for his lumberjack duties, for the past five years. He decided to make the move from the city after the ex-girlfriend did some nefarious deed that’s too delicious to go into detail about. After moving up into the mountains/woods, Jake builds his house and has been happily by himself ever since. I’m not sure what happened to his family, if he even had anyone who cared about him because Jake didn’t seem to care about anyone, except for Vivian.

Vivian. She made me chuckle because at the ripe ole age of 29, she’s stuck and is already sick of the rut that is city living and corporate America. Feeling out of sorts after she breaks up with her boyfriend, Vivian decides to go to the mountain for a getaway. She borrows a friend’s cabin in the mountain/woods and on her first evening there she goes for a walk, gets lost and ends up at Jake’s home. Can you hear the music yet?

Jake’s favorite color, red, is standing at his door disheveled and in need of a bath. Are you smiling yet? You should be. Things go very quickly, I’m talking speed of light. Jake and Vivian end up in bed with lot of dirty sexing, I mean some talk that gave me whiplash as I had to go back many times and reread because there’s no way I just read what I just read. But yes way, that just happened.

Rating: C


I just has this conversation with a friend and I acknowledged that yes, I don’t read YA. This should have been YA but this wasn’t the kind of YA that I’ve ever read. Do 18 year olds (boys and girls) really talk like this when they’re sexing it up?

Quinn and Isabel have been BFFs since they were both ten when he saved her from some kid who was giving her a hard time. At 18 and with one year of high school left, Isabel’s father takes an offered promotion and the family has to move. There’s a lot of mental angst about the separation of these two because it’s the first time they’ll be apart for more than a day. Oy, the heartache is real.

Each being in love with the other; then just having revealed those loving feelings for each other leads them down the dark and winding road that is sex – on top of a car – in a field – far far away from home. Nothing says I love you like that, but they’re young I guess.

Quinn’s tenacity to stay together (think Hawkeye and his Cora) is quite admirable because at 18, he knows that Isabel is his and he’s going to do whatever he needs to do that make sure that they stay together. He does.

Rating: C

Baby Fever

This one actually had potential to be a good story versus a couple of sex scenes. Thirty year old Eva’s been working at the same bar in the same town for years. It’s the same town she grew up in (I think) and while she’s had a major crush, you can even call it love, for her big brother’s best friend she’s never done anything about it because he’s never given her the time of day. Little does Eva know that her day has come – Dex has decided that it’s time he has a kid and Eva’s going to be the mother.

At almost 40, Dex isn’t getting any younger and it’s time to actually start pursuing Eva. So, while she’s working at the bar he goes to visit her and put his intentions out there. Eva basically gives him the stink eye, but only for a second as her panties were wet from his sexiness, and does as a few legit questions about why now after all this time. You give it to him Eva! To my dismay, I spoke too soon because it wasn’t soon after that liquids were flowing, holes were being filled and babies were in the making.

Rating: C

Happy reading folks!

Overall Rating: C

*ARC provided by author

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A Real Man: Volume One
by Jenika Snow
Release Date: September 17, 2016


  1. OMG. I might actually have to read this because your review was so great! 🙂 Sounds wonderfully horrible.

  2. I love your reviews! I will definitely be coming back to this site! I feel like I just spent a few minutes talking with one of my best friends!

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