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fallingReviewed by Shelly

Disclaimer – I’ve read all of Allyn Lesley’s published stories and while Falling might not be a category, YA, that I would typically read, I decided to read it based on my history of her story telling. I didn’t even read the blurb before I started reading. For me, Lesley’s story telling skills are still as good as when I read book 1 in her ‘Deeper’ series. I wasn’t disappointed.

Lesley doesn’t write about your typical good guy hero. Absolutely not the guy next door nor the guy with all the friends because of his charming and witty personality. Oh no, her heroes barely know the word etiquette much less practice it. Dyllan Sterling is an absolute tool. His expressions are surly, he’s cantankerous and can be plain ole disagreeable. But he loves and is loved by his parents and older twin brothers which says a lot when you find out how he got his family. As Dyllan’s story unfolds and I got to know him better, he actually started growing on me. I’m not saying I started to like him, but I did start to accept him as he was. I did have my limits with him though, I’ll tell you in a second.

Chelsea Robinson is a sweet 17 year old when Dyllan first meets her. She and her older sister, Emma, were brought to Dyllan’s mechanic shop in their broken down beater and Dyllan is instantly smitten. Dyllan’s a bit of an a*s to her during their first meeting, but she gives it right back to him. Go girl!

Dyllan’s and Chelsea first date, it’s really a double date as Dyllan’s older brother Jackson Charles ‘JC’ was very interested in Emma, was tense but there was clearly a connection there. Knowing of Chelsea’s future plans, Dyllan still agrees to take her back to his condo. Things progress quickly here and Dyllan’s giving Chelsea beer and before the night ends, the two are having sex. Life happens and these two are separated.

Although Dyllan misses Chelsea he still needs to dip his wick, so he’s still sexing up other women. This is where I really begin to resent Dyllan. I know you’re young, 23ish, but can you not not have sex with other women while you’re supposed to be thinking about and missing one in particular. For my own selfish reasons – as this is a romance, I expect the each member of the couple to only have sex with each other. But I digress.

Speaking of sexing up other chicks, early in their pseudo-relationship Dyllan takes Emma to Chelsea’s campus for a surprise visit. When they get their Chelsea is pleasantly surprised but she’s also with a friend, a male friend, no questions asked Dyllan decides that she’s dating this guy and uses that as an excuse to go have sex with another woman. Yeah, just some random chick he picks up. Yep, won’t you know it – when he and the chick (he never remembers their name) are horizontal, guess who walks in the room. Turns out that random chick is the roommate of Chelsea. Had I been Chelsea in that moment and I saw what she just saw, there is zero chance that we would ever, ever, ever get together.

The problem with these two is that Dyllan is such a douche and Chelsea is too nice. He doesn’t talk to Chelsea and let her know what’s going on. It’s really hard for me to say that I saw this relationship working out between them. My patience wore thin with him on many occasions but then Chelsea would come back into his life at some random moment and most would be forgiven. I would have liked to see her have get crazy mad at Dyllan.

Now with all that said, this was a good story because somehow Lesley actually convinced me that this guy was worthy of having something/someone to call his own. His redemption happens at a time when his world is falling apart – things couldn’t be worse for our hero. I hate to admit it but I felt sorry for Dyllan because between what ‘Doll Face’ did to him in that room and the result of that – I wouldn’t wish that scenario not even on a douche like Dyllan.

Dyllan and Chelsea’s HEA wasn’t easy and it took it’s own sweet time getting there, but it was worth every word I read to get there.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by author

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by Allyn Lesley
Release Date: September 21, 2016


  1. allyn lesley says:


    I’m so glad you enjoyed Falling. Thank you for your honest thoughts. I can only hope my next novel continues to keep you engaged as this one did :).

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