Review: Hard Case by Hope Conrad

hard-caseReviewed by Shelly

This was like watching a train wreck. It was fascinating to watch it collide and crumble. This is my first Hope Conrad story and from what I know this is part of series, but I could have sworn that it could be read as a stand alone. But I felt like there was a part 1 to someone’s story – not sure if it would be hero or heroine – that I was missing.

I thought this would be a different kind of story. I’m not sure why, but I really didn’t expect either the abrasiveness of the sexual contact nor the way that the two got together. I’m not spoiling anything here because it happens early in the book but the sex is quick (think same night after meeting) and dirty with these two. She’s fresh out of jail, and I do mean fresh, for killing her husband and he’s her ‘pro bono’ lawyer.

Slade and Rose are a hot mess individually and together. Kindergarten teacher Rose felt about what happened and was happening to her the same way I felt about it. What does that mean when the author does that? I kept asking why Rose was so weak to go through these moments of ridiculous behavior with Slade, and in the next breath, Rose is asking the same of herself but she kept doing it. WTH! When Slade tells her he can’t have a relationship with her (they’ve known each other less than a week) she’s upset by this. Seriously? Ya’ll just met and you just killed your husband 3 days ago. Again, I think I must say it – he’s your lawyer who’s defending you after you killed your husband! I. Can’t. Even.

Let’s face it, Slade being a lawyer is just a front for his mob boss activities. His mob boss is a guy we know as King and Slade owes King (he’s like Charlie – we only know him via phone calls) a favor. He actually owes King many favors for getting Slade’s friend, Street, out of jail, and Slade’s getting and keeping Rose out of jail is just one of those favors. There’s a separate storyline line about Rose’s dead husband Josh and what he got into, but that doesn’t really get too much attention because this is Rose’s story not Josh’s and there’s very little if any sympathy for Josh.

Insta love – check. Lots of sex – check. The heroine’s rationalization of hero being in the mob – check. Because after knowing Slade for less than a week, Rose KNOWS he’s as innocent as a lamb because he does so much charity work. Give me a break with that nonsense. I liked nothing about this story, absolutely nothing.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: F

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Hard Case
by Hope Conrad
Release Date: May 24, 2016

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