Review: In Safe Hands by Katie Ruggle

in-safe-handsReviewed by Joanna

We’re at the fourth and final book in the Search and Rescue series, and it’s about to go off. We know who started the fires and now we’ve got a surprise murderer on our hands. This, coupled with the new romance thread of shut-in Daisy and hot action cop Chris, we might finally get to the bottom of what happened to the headless dead guy Lou found in the frozen reservoir.

Caught up? Okay. So, Daisy never leaves the house. She’s traumatized following the murder of her mother eight years ago, and now suffers with agoraphobia. Deputy Chris comes to visit her frequently and they watch movies, work out and generally act like boyfriend and girlfriend. Except the one time she kissed him, he backed the hell off leaving her humiliated. But he gives her the hungriest of looks so she doesn’t understand. Mixed messages o’clock.

One day from her window, Daisy witnesses what looks like a murder, and she gets dragged into the ongoing saga which has kept me glued to these books. Local chief of police Rob intervenes but rather than investigate the incident he implies Daisy is losing her mind. Luckily Chris doesn’t believe this or Daisy might have questioned her sanity. Chris gets help in the form of Lou and her murder board and the game’s afoot.

All our old couples make an appearance. Lou is such a social creature she gets everyone round to Daisy’s, even George (love), to form a task force to solve the crime as well as working out in Daisy’s home gym. (The guys posturing for the girls is hilarious.) Now we all know that…


…that Rob is in on the criminal acts. That was such a shocker cos he’s such a stand-up guy, but you’d do anything for family, right? Well he’s got his role and the task force have theirs and somehow the truth has to come out. So. Exciting.

At the heart of it is this crushingly sweet romance between Daisy and Chris. I’d say it moves at an even slower pace than the previous books, but Ruggle writes little touches and tentative feelings so well that I felt every pang right alongside our H&H.

The romance concludes satisfactorily, but I’m not sure the suspense over the crime did. I finished the book and sort of stared at it for a while, then read over a few pages to ensure I got what happened. I needed a wrap-up. One of the characters to play narrator to make sure I’d got all the threads and everything was closed off. The absence of this jarred a little, but overall the series were great and it didn’t take anything away for me.

Oh, and there’s an excellently appropriate proposal from the guy of one of the couples. You’ll just have to read it to see which.

Roll on Ruggle’s new series which here at RedHotBooks we’ve had top secret intel it involves one character from Search and Rescue (sexy fireman Steve).

Rating: A-

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In Safe Hands
by Katie Ruggle
Release Date: October 4, 2016
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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