Review: The Devil’s Bedpost by Lena Hart

devils-bedpostReviewed by Shelly

I haven’t read the prior stories about David and Athena, so I have no point of reference on how this holds up against the other two. When I initially started reading, I actually felt a little lost in their history because of the random reference to something that happened in their past that was maybe told in a prior story. I got through the first and second paragraph and just decided to go for it and see what happened.

David and Tena are an interesting couple. David is the CEO of Royal Courts, a casino/hotel in Vegas that’s doing very well. Tena is his fiancée who he asked to marry in another story. They’ve been engaged for about a year, but neither have set a date for the wedding. Actually they’ve not even talked about a date. There seems to be some mistrust from Tena to David in talking about that. This story doesn’t really focus on that – instead it focuses on choosing the path you mean to stick to.

For Tena, she’s got a ne’er-do-well brother in Anthony who has troubles and issues. Holy smokes does that guy have some issues. I’m not sure how Anthony was portrayed, if at all, in the prior stories but in this story he’s an addict. It was gambling that lead into other things, and to get out of his trouble he decided to go to his sister’s fiancé to get a large sum of money. Well, that doesn’t go the way that Anthony assumed it would, and he decides to handle it himself. Big mistake. His actions set into motion things that should have never happened, never ever. Anthony puts David in a very awkward position with Tena and I’m not completely blaming Anthony here because David had choices, but golly gee whiz – come on Anthony, man up!

I liked Tena enough, her/their troubled past influenced the way she treated Anthony. Actually, she kind of treated Anthony as if he was stupid and without cognizant abilities to make his own choices. Yeah, he’s an addict but it’s a choice he made to remain so. In essence, she made excuses for making their relationship entirely beneficial to Anthony. Now that might not have been the way it was in the previous stories, but that’s my interpretation in this story.

David’s life is going along fine, or what he thought was fine. Tena is happy, or he thinks she is, and his casino is growing and business is looking well. His father and that business that his father and brother are in is in a complete different world – that is until he can no longer separate the two worlds. Some bad things happen and David has to get his hands dirty – I mean very dirty. The funny thing is that what David had to get his hands dirty for wasn’t even what he thought he was getting involved for. Things spiral out of control very quickly and the next thing that David knows is that his two most treasured positions are not what or where he’s used to them being – safe, secure and under his watch.

I hate to say that, but I wanted David to wreak more havoc. I mean I was ready for this dude to go ape sh*t crazy on some folks but he had some restraint. That was admirable, but I was ready for a wrecking ball. And that father of his – what an effing as*hole of the first order but I guess you gotta be that big of an as*hole if you are who he is.

This is a fast, fun read. I wish I had read the prior stories to get a better history on the couple, but in the end I was satisfied with their HEA.

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Rating: B+

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The Devil’s Bedpost
by Lena Hart
Release Date: August 30, 2016
Publisher: Maroon Ash Publishing

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