Review: Wicked Sexy by J.T. Geissinger

wicked-sexyReviewed by Joanna

You know when you start a series and love it so much you want the whole lot to be complete? I badly want to binge-read this romantic suspense set of books right here, but I made a mistake and the third book isn’t out for months. My bad. Now I have to wait. Sad face.

Tabitha is a loner, and a world-class hacker. She’s no family, few friends and no need for money, since being left a fortune by her old employer. Tabby takes legit security jobs as a way of keeping her super-speed mind occupied, and to keep the demons of her locked-down memories at bay. One day, she’s propositioned with work by a man she loves to hate – one Conner Hughes.

Conner runs a cyber security firm and is ex-military. He’s built, older, rough around the edges, and hot stuff. Women love him but he’s never loved, and has a reputation for being single-minded and ultra-professional. Tabby, with her DGAF attitude and crazy punk-meets-Hello-Kitty dress sense has always fascinated him but they grate against each other and find it impossible to have a polite conversation.

When they met three years ago, Conner couldn’t believe Tabby was the infamous hacker, Polaroid. She was far too young, kooky and female. Tabby, of course, very much enjoyed hacking the dumb jarhead’s security systems and since then his disbelief settled into respect and admiration. One his side, at least.

Despite her froideur, Tabby agrees to take the job Conner offers – something very specific, and personal, compels her, and she can’t say no. Cue a road trip, cue hot attraction and cue some very sweet and sexy sex scenes with heartrending relationship building.

Geissinger is a master at describing slow realizations, burgeoning emotions and wonderful tensions between couples who are at odds but otherwise perfect for one another. I felt every emotion Conner did, every fleck of confusion in Tabby as her sexuality was awakened. It was intimate and heart-warming, and I wanted to give the book a hug.

Oh, and the plot’s good too. The research into hacking and tech was enough to make you feel smart and embedded but not too much to be boring. It was tense, the baddie was chilling and I had that sense of ‘Oh hell, the world belongs to hackers. Save me!’ which shows what a good job Geissinger did.

You ought to read this. It’s awesome.

There’s a clear candidate for the next in the series, with Alex, Conner’s employee and another sexy military guy, being in the frame. No idea who his lady will be so I’ll just have to be patient until publishing – pegged for spring/summer 2017. I can’t wait.

Rating: A

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Wicked Sexy
by J.T. Geissinger
Release Date: July 19, 2016

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