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Review: The Truth About Him by Molly O’Keefe

truth-about-himReviewed by Joanna

This is the second book following the story of Annie and Dylan, and is not a standalone. If you haven’t read the excellent Everything I Left Unsaid, look away now cos this contains spoilers.

We good? Okay. As you’ll recall, Annie was on the run from her violent husband, Hoyt, who’d taken control of her family farm, her life, and almost killed her. In her new life in the trailer park, she got into a phone-relationship with Dylan, a scarred-yet-super-rich-and-handsome man. Dylan lives on a mountain, designing car parts and making megabucks whilst hardly ever having to talk to anyone. [Read more…]

Review: Sorrow’ Edge by Danielle DeVor

sorrows-edgeReviewed by Ronelle

Jimmy Holiday, defrocked priest and newly unemployed graphic designer, is settling into what he hopes will be a more normal life. He’s looking for a job and preparing his house for Tabby, his witchy girlfriend, to move in. If you can ignore the ever-present spirit of Lucy, things are looking pretty normal.

That is, until Jimmy gets a phone call at 3 a.m. which poses more questions than it answers, though he is determined to write it off. When an old silver flask shows up from someplace in Tombstone, AZ, he begins to suspect that ignoring the situation might not be an option. That idea is confirmed when he comes downstairs one t morning and finds a mysterious iPad on his kitchen table, with video instructions from The Order and a credit card taped to the back.

So, it’s off to Tombstone, with Tabby, Lucy, and Isaac the Cat reluctantly in tow. The chaos is beginning. Again. [Read more…]

Review: Hard Time: An Ex-Con Bad Boy Romance by Hope Conrad

hard-timeReviewed by Shelly

I read these stories not in order. Hard Case, which is book 2 in Hope Conrad’s ‘Hard as Nails’ series was my first book by this author and it was almost my last. I liked zero of that story. Oh what a difference a book makes. This, the first book in the series, made my day. I read this in one sitting. It moved so fast. I found myself just flipping the pages.

Thomas and Katie knew each from his days in prison. That sounds bad, well it is. Thomas was an inmate doing time for aggravated burglary. Katie worked in the cafeteria of said prison. They knew each other over the glass and across the room. There was no interaction or even conversation between them while Thomas was doing time. But there was definitely an awareness of each other. And while I thought, how convenient that a man locked behind bars without conjugal visits finds a healthy young woman attractive, somehow Conrad actually made that okay in my mind. [Read more…]

Joint Review: Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

royally-screwedReviewed by Janell and Joanna

Janell – I’ve read two excellent books about falling in love with a prince (His Royal Secret and The Royal We), and one that wasn’t substantive enough. I heard about this book on a podcast and I was in the mood for a nice prince-falling-for-an-average-American story. The setup was great, but by the end I felt it was, well, too light on protocol particulars and too heavy on the sex. I know, my priorities are obviously mixed up, so that may be just the combination that works for you! [Read more…]

Review: Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter

curse-on-the-landReviewed by Jen

Faith Hunter is such a talent. I really enjoy the characters she crafts and the fascinating supernatural situations they encounter. The Soulwood series is such a great compliment to the Jane Yellowrock books in that they share a world while still maintaining distinct identities. One of the things I like so much is Nell’s very unique character and perspective. She is so very different from Jane. Yet both series feature complex storylines, plenty of action, character development and just a subtle hint of romance. [Read more…]

Review: Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay

princess-of-thornsReviewed by Shelly

I don’t like it when a blurb compares its story to another (my expectations will be set) and I’m glad I didn’t read the blurb for this before I dug in. The cover is what drew me in. I’ve been around the bend listening to audiobooks and a friend told me that a good genre for listening is PNR. So here I go.

The first chapter drew me in. It’s from Aurora’s 7-year-old point of view. She, her mother, and brother have been slated for death by the evil ruler. Her father’s already dead so they’re without his support. Aurora’s mother knows of a way to help save her children and she doesn’t hesitate. She gifts her daughter with her fae powers; this gift is by no means without consequences and Aurora’s mother gives the ultimate sacrifice. Even at 7, Aurora feels different after her endowment. There’s a different energy about her and with fervent determination, Aurora is fixed on vengeance for her mother and to regain the kingdom of her father. [Read more…]

Review: Archangel’s Heart by Nalini Singh

archangels-heartReviewed by Jen

I’m surprised at how much complaining I’ve seen in reviews for this book simply because it’s not about Bluebell and Aodhan. Heck yeah, I want to see that too, but I love Elena and Raphael too. I really enjoyed this book for a lot of reasons. But for the B/A shippers, this book is necessary. It focuses a lot on Aodhan. We get to know him more than we have in all the other books combined. I’m glad Nalini Singh took the time to build up his character here. It will make his book all that much sweeter when it finally gets here. [Read more…]

Review: Game, Set, Match by Nana Malone

game-set-matchReviewed by Shelly

Love trying for a second chance, but there’re some nefarious folks in the way.

This isn’t my first story by this author and I wanted to try this one to see if the writing was different/better. Izzy Connors is a professional photographer raising the teenaged son of a woman who used to be her friend. Jason Cartwright is Izzy’s latest assignment. He’s a hot shot tennis player whose on the court wins are often galvanized by his off the court antics. Jason likes the ladies. He likes them a lot and the paparazzi loves the playboy that he is. [Read more…]

Review: The Gossip by Jenny Holiday

gossipReviewed by Janell

This is the second adorable novella in the New Wave Newsroom series. I gushed about the first here, when it was part of an anthology, and now it’s a standalone called The Fixer, and you should get it.

Dawn is the gossip columnist for the school paper. We first meet her when she’s a freshman trying to buy alcohol, hoping to get into the right sorority. Frankly, I wasn’t excited about Dawn. She seemed like a ditsy social climber.

We first meet Arturo, Officer Perez, when he busts Dawn for said alcohol purchase. Arturo is a campus cop, nine years older than Dawn. I’ll admit that I was wary about such an age difference, especially with Dawn being such a clueless freshman. But then something wonderful happened: the book skipped ahead. [Read more…]

Review: Everything I Left Unsaid by Molly O’Keefe

everything-i-left-unsaidReviewed by Joanna

A little while ago, I read the third book in this series, Burn Down the Night, and loved it so much I put the first, second and fourth straight on my reading list.

I was not disappointed. This new-to-me author is now on my auto-buy. Here’s why.

Twenty-four year old Annie is on the run, having left the farm she grew up on and an untenable home life with a violent husband. After taking an evasive flight pattern, she winds up in a trailer park in the middle of nowheresville, and is scared, injured, naive and alone when she answers a ringing mobile phone, left in the trailer she’s renting. [Read more…]