Review: Everything I Left Unsaid by Molly O’Keefe

everything-i-left-unsaidReviewed by Joanna

A little while ago, I read the third book in this series, Burn Down the Night, and loved it so much I put the first, second and fourth straight on my reading list.

I was not disappointed. This new-to-me author is now on my auto-buy. Here’s why.

Twenty-four year old Annie is on the run, having left the farm she grew up on and an untenable home life with a violent husband. After taking an evasive flight pattern, she winds up in a trailer park in the middle of nowheresville, and is scared, injured, naive and alone when she answers a ringing mobile phone, left in the trailer she’s renting.

Dylan’s the sexy voice on the other end of the line, and he quickly recruits Annie in the little bit of spy work he needs doing on the site. But they like the sound of each other’s voices way too much to leave off their call there. She’s curious and he’s hooked, both desperate for safe human contact.

Despite her situation, Annie’s doing more than just running away. She’s reinventing herself as she discovers her freedom. Her sexuality, so long repressed, is released and Dylan becomes her phone-sex lover, challenging her and pushing her to discover her body.

This might sound seedy, but it isn’t. It’s sweet, and amidst all the nastiness Annie came from, it’s good for her. She’s in control entirely and as she starts a happier life with her job in the park, making friends and working out who she is, it’s Dylan she can’t get enough of. Particularly when phone sex becomes real sex. (Hoooooooot sex, too.)

Dylan has his own chapters (written in the third person which was a little odd at first, cos Annie’s are first person), and we see his life and the effect that the sweet girl on the line has on him. He’s an ex-race car driver, now designing a highly valuable engine part in his mountain retreat. He’s wealthy, a bit of a young hermit, damaged and haunted by issues of his own, which means he can’t abide the idea of a relationship.

Annie doesn’t tell Dylan her real name, and neither of them shares their secrets. But their real-world lives collide regardless.

This is simply written, with good depictions of domestic violence issues, friendship and community, and a shed-ton of sexual tension. The connection between the characters was what I loved about Burn Down the Night, and it was present here too in spades. (The third and fourth novels follow different couples.) Annie naiveté from her sheltered life made me want to help her, and Dylan’s issues, despite him being a dangerous guy, well, I loved him too.

Warning – this does carry a cliffhanger. But as the second book is already out, do not fear. I’ll go on and read it now and tell you if it’s satisfying a HEA as I think it’s going to be.

Book four comes out in February and I’m super excited for that couple too.

Rating: A

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Everything I Left Unsaid
by Molly O’Keefe
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Publisher: Random House


  1. I knew once you went back and started from the series beginning that you’d love this author! Welcome to the Molly O’Keefe fan club

    • I thank you! I am now a fully paid up member and see I am in good company. I’m eagerly anticipating book 4 for Tiffany and Blake. That guy needs to fall in love and Tiff needs a break.

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