Review: Graced by Amanda Pillar

gracedReviewed by Jen

I’ll give credit to Amanda Pillar. I’ve read a lot of PNR books and this definitely has its own feel. Maybe it’s not exactly PNR, but I wouldn’t call it Urban Fantasy either. It’s set thousands of years in the future in a world that humans share with Gifted, weres, and vampires. The Gifted are special humans (like our heroine’s family) who have gifts like telekinesis, telepathy, or empathy, and they are marked by the color of their eyes.

Elle is not exactly Gifted herself, but she is a little more than human. She works in law enforcement. She is a disappointment to her highly gifted grandmother. And the most important thing in the world to her is protecting her young teal-eyed sister from the notice of the vampires. You see, vamps like to collect interesting humans and there is very to stop them.

I don’t want to spoil too much, because one of the things the book has going for it is an unpredictable plot. I will say there is a sexy werewolf love interest and a sociopathic asexual vampire who throws a wrench in Elle’s entire life. I liked the were, Clay, though their romance┬ábordered on insta-love. And I always struggle with characters who are older than old. (Think 30,000 years.) It’s beyond reconciling in my head.

The vampire was… odd. I’m glad all parts of the sexual spectrum have an acknowledgement in this world. (Really. The fluidity was refreshing.) However, it was hard for me to get emotionally invested in man who cared nothing for others and did not want to have sex with anyone. (Two totally different issues with the same result on my reading experience.) I assume the physical changes in him brought on by the events of the book are responsible for changing his emotional/ sexual ones to a degree, but though they were welcome, those changes felt jarring and underexplained/explored. It was also strange how overt and out there the sexual elements of the world were with very little actually happening on page.

Also, there are parts of the book that flowed really well, but others that felt choppy. And I wasn’t always sure of how much time had passed. And the pacing really sped up (almost too much) in the last third, making the book feel uneven.

There were good things about this story. I liked the premise and parts were engaging, but overall, it ended up a mixed bag for me.

Rating: B-

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by Amanda Pillar
Release Date: January 26, 2015
Publisher: Momentum

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