Review: Legacy of the Demon by Diana Rowland

legacy-of-the-demonReviewed by Jen

I’ve got mixed feelings about this book. Honestly, I’ve been wavering on this series for a while now. Two things keep bringing me back to it. One: I remember how much I truly enjoyed some of the early books. And two: Diana Rowland has made me care about this heroine. It matters to me what happens to her.

But there are real problems. The most obvious is the huge shift the series took a couple of books back. In this particular installment, though, the problem is that it’s all gotten too big. Too many characters. Too many words and concepts tied to the world building. It’s only been a few months since I tore through this entire series in a binge read, and yet I still was lost a good 40% of the time reading this book.

I always blame myself to an extent when I can’t keep up. I wonder if I wasn’t paying enough attention in the other books or if I forgot characters or details through some fault of my own. That’s when I remind myself that the author should be helping me out. Yes, this book has a glossary, but I don’t want to have to translate as I go. Even after I bit the bullet and looked up Mraztur (which is too much like Mzatal, BTW) or Qaztahl or pretty much any of the ptarl, it didn’t help me connect to what was happening. It was just too much work.

Obviously this is not an entry point in the series for a new reader. As lost as I was, you wouldn’t stand a chance at understanding what was going on.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: I’m pretty sure we skipped ahead in time a little. Kara is fighting demons with the military(?) and has her own personal security team. Szerain, Zakaar, and Ashava are missing and Xharbek is hunting for them. (Remember when the characters had names like Ryan and Jill?) Oh and Mzatal is off fighting to fix the broken demon realm.  Xharbek has an evil plan. Kara must try to figure out what it is and thwart it.

Beyond the confusing stuff, my issue is a stunning lack of emotional connection. There was a time I cared about her and Ryan. I was even down with her and Mzatal. But Rowland keeps changing the dynamics of all the relationships, and not knowing how to feel, I feel nothing. Not even for Rhyzkahl, who I loved to hate.

Kara is still interesting. I like her personality and her internal dialogue. There are pockets of the book that are engaging. I just… struggled. (And it’s so very irritating to have to refer to the book to spell almost every character name in the review.)

I’ll come back to see how it all ends, but I wish I could be more excited about it all.

Rating: C

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Legacy of the Demon
by Kara Gillian
Release Date: October 4, 2016
Publisher: DAW


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