Review: The Truth About Him by Molly O’Keefe

truth-about-himReviewed by Joanna

This is the second book following the story of Annie and Dylan, and is not a standalone. If you haven’t read the excellent Everything I Left Unsaid, look away now cos this contains spoilers.

We good? Okay. As you’ll recall, Annie was on the run from her violent husband, Hoyt, who’d taken control of her family farm, her life, and almost killed her. In her new life in the trailer park, she got into a phone-relationship with Dylan, a scarred-yet-super-rich-and-handsome man. Dylan lives on a mountain, designing car parts and making megabucks whilst hardly ever having to talk to anyone.

After his brother, a motorcycle club president, goes missing, Dylan gets pulled back into the murky criminal world he fought to escape. This book picks up after Annie leaves Dylan, resolving to divorce her husband and get back her land. But when she returns to her trailer, of course, Hoyt is waiting.

Well, I was on tenterhooks after the cliffhanger – I couldn’t see how Dylan could get down off the mountain in time to save Annie. And Hoyt is a piece of work. He’s weirdly turned on by Annie sleeping with another man, and he’s all ready to rape her and beat her before he takes her home.

I don’t want to give too much away about Annie’s resolution, because the focus of this story is on Dylan, and his issues. (Hence the titles and the switching narrative POVs. Book one is Annie’s book, and she’s in the first person whilst Dylan is in the third. In this book, it’s reversed. I thought this was super clever.)

Now, Dylan’s story centers around his family. His asshole father lives at the trailer park and they don’t talk. Except now he’s sick and old, plus Annie’s befriended him so Dylan has to speak to the man. His brother, Max, is in danger from his motorbike club and Dylan has to find his way through all this whilst working out how not to drag Annie down with him. He’s also never loved anyone, and I’m a total sucker for a guy who doesn’t know how to love. He’s all about the slow realization. She scares the life out of him and he punishes himself with his restraint. Sob.

I liked both the main characters loads. Annie’s feisty, and despite being abused and isolated, she takes what she wants. As much as Dylan tries to push her away, she pulls back.

Then Dylan, all scarred from a fire and tragic, is all about the self-sacrifice. I love him. He sees himself as darkness to Annie’s light, and he couldn’t be more wrong. They are perfect for one another.

And hot. They are hot stuff. I just wish they had more time to cuddle.

These books are great. The author’s great. The poetic details, simple scenes and characterizations are just brilliant. Go buy.

Rating: A

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The Truth About Him
by Molly O’Keefe
Release Date: November 24, 2015
Publisher: Random House

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