Review: When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James

when beauty tamed the beastReviewed by Jen

Beauty and the Beast stories are some of my very favorites –and this historical was a total win for me. I felt connected to both the hero and heroine and their chemistry was absolutely fantastic. They have great witty banter, hot sexual tension, and –best of all– can see past each other’s facades to the hidden truths beneath.

Linnet is the beauty of this tale and she was a coveted catch, until an unflattering dress and some food poisoning had the combined effect of convincing the ton she was expecting a baby. They are wrong, of course, but she is ruined nonetheless, leaving her with very few choices for her future. Just one choice, really: she must use her so-called pregnancy to her advantage. Her father ships her off to an Earl in Wales with a beastly reputation and a known injury that leaves him unable to produce an heir. Linnet should be the answer to his prayers.

Piers is a doctor with a non-existent bedside manner and an antagonistic relationship with his father. So when the Duke shows up with Linnet on his arm, Piers is ready to reject her on sight. Except she is completely beautiful. And smart. And really is no more interested in marrying him than he is interested in marrying her. With that, a friendship is born. Remember, Linnet thinks Piers is impotent, so for the first time, she’s not worried that a man will paw all over her. She is free to allow him in her room, to learn to swim in her chemise, and to drop the image of a lady she tried to perfect. All of those things are exactly what end up making her irresistible.

I loved watching these two become sexually aware of each other, especially since they both think they can’t act on the attraction. Often –though not always– I loved Piers with his total lack of a filter and disregard for niceties. Linnet is funny and witty –and she is the perfect foil for the beastly doctor. Together, they are magic. Both Piers and Linnet have issues that stem from their parents, generating a good amount of angst, but it didn’t cross the line into maudlin. Their experiences did shape them, though, and it’s good stuff as they unravel their baggage in finding their path to each other.

Eloisa James acknowledges her inspiration for Piers comes from the tv show House, which tells you a lot. Piers, like House, is brilliant and compelling and usually you love him despite of (or maybe because of) the outrageous things he says and does. But there are times he crosses the line. He can be cruel when he thinks he’s doing the right thing –and there is one point in the book, that for me, the way he treated Linnet went too far.  They both paid the price for that.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed this story. The ending, in particular, was interesting in what it meant for Linnet, and what it is about her that really makes her beautiful to Piers.

Rating: B+

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When Beauty Tamed the Beast
by Eloisa James
Release Date: January 25, 2011
Publisher: Avon


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