Review: Crimson Debt by Evangeline Anderson

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve been on the hunt for a good vampire story and I’ve read Evangeline Anderson’s work before. Perfect scenario.

The society that included otherworld elements that Anderson started to build in this book 1 of her ‘Born to Darkness’ series was really good. The vampire hierarchy made sense and the visual markings to tell how old vampires are was neat. But what I really delighted me was that the vampires and shifters were an everyday part of society. Supposedly they were bound by the same rules… well sorta kinda because the vampires were a sect all unto themselves with their own set rules and regulations. So the question comes down to – how do you keep the humans ‘safe’ from the shenanigans that the vampires have in their everyday world? Auditors that’s how.

Alec Corbin and Addison Godwin are like oil and water. She’s a cop, specifically an Auditor, who inspects the vampire clubs for any and all misdeeds done by vampires to their human chattel. In essence, that’s what most humans are to vampires, a means to an end – blood supply. If the human enjoys the ride along the way more power to them, but for those older vampires with a power complex, willing participants are not mandatory. So Addison’s there to protect the unwilling.

Corbin is the club owner for a popular spot where humans and vampires like to have their ‘glam-sex’. It’s basically sex without the physical act. In exchange for their blood, vampires will ‘glam’ their willing human. Like I said, the thing is humans are not always willing and that’s how Addison became a cop in the first place.

During their grad school days 6 years previously, Addison and her best friend Taylor went to a show. The show was being put on by a master glamster (that might not be a real word but you know what I mean) who was able to enthrall Taylor. After being warned to keep an eye on her friend for 24 hours, the shelf life of the glam, Addison didn’t take the warning seriously because really why should she? She’s never been exposed to that kind of thing while she’s living in her bubble that was grad school. It turns out that Taylor wasn’t able to resist and got sucked (pun intended) in and was ‘born to darkness’.

Six years later, Addison is still seeking vengeance for her friend. Many of the vampires in Anderson’s BoD are past the point of caring about anyone. Many, especially the older and stronger vampires mistreat humans and the ones that they deem acceptable are turned into vampires. This can be problematic if you have cruel older/stronger vampires.

Part of the job as Auditor is executioner and although I’m not really sure how that works – the vampires that are killed by Addison have committed heinous (sexual in nature) crimes. There’s a thing called the Crimson Debt or The Debt and if this debt is performed by a human and a vampire, it’s not good because bad things happen; to curb this, it’s illegal for humans and vampires to have physical sex.

During a visit with Taylor, Addison finds out that Taylor’s master, Celeste (the master glamster), is hosting an Inquisitor and Taylor will be given to the Inquisitor as a sex slave. Taylor is unwilling, heck she’s been unwilling this entire time but her will has already been overridden by Celeste. Now that chick is cruel and she enjoys her cruelness. The more she can make Taylor suffer, the better her world is. Absolutely fun to read. Then there’s the Inquisitor, Roderick. He’s cruel and right on the verge of evil. Even more fun to read than Celeste. But I digress.

To waylay the torture coming Taylor’s way, Addison goes to Corbin for help. He agrees to help but exacts a price that Addison finds difficult to pay. Addison’s never been Corbin’s number one fan, actually she’s no fan at all and Corbin knows this. He’s been carrying a torch for Addison for a while now – he’s always flashing his fangs at her and he finally sees a way to get her to see him as something/someone other than what he is – a vampire.

This is a romance, there’s no bones about that from reading the blurb, but I actually found the romance to be secondary. I wanted the battle between the older and more powerful Roderick and Corbin to go on much longer. I wanted more mayhem and destruction. I wasn’t disappointed necessarily, I just wanted more.

Overall, I thought Addison was a good heroine. I complain a lot about heroines who lose sight of their purpose but Addison wasn’t one of those – she didn’t waiver, not one bit. And Corbin, not alpha but not docile either. He was on his own mission and he made it very clear early on what or who that was.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Crimson Debt
by Evangeline Anderson
Release Date: March 4, 2013


  1. I really appreciate your inclusion of older books in your reviews. You’ve led me to many treasures I’d have missed otherwise. Thanks!

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