Review: Fast Connection by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell

fast-connectionReview by Janell

In this second installment of the Cyberlove series, we follow Dominic Costigan home from Afghanistan to his family’s deli on Staten Island. Dominic was introduced in the first book as kind of a prick, but now we understand that it was just him learning to accept his bisexuality.

Dominic is bored and depressed. He works for free room and board, and can’t figure out what kind of career he wants that doesn’t involve guns, because he is over carrying a weapon, so he’s kind of stuck. He decides to join Grindr because, basically, he’s horny.

Luke is a divorced father of teenaged twins. He runs his own landscaping company, and he doesn’t do relationships. You know, because of that one time a personal relationship interfered with his career and ruined his entire life. He hooks up when the kids go see their mom on the weekends, but he never sees the same guy twice. (By the way, his ex? Totally supportive of him. She reads gay romance and recites the sex scenes to him. Luke hates it.)

Luke reaches out to “StaffSgt” on Grindr, and pretty soon Dominic is on Luke’s doorstep. Luke thinks Dominic looks like Captain America, and Dominic sees Luke as a silver fox — Luke is about twelve years older. They get straight down to business, and then Luke brusquely escorts Dominic out as he’s making sandwiches.

These characters are very opposite, and I had a hard time understanding why Luke fell for Dominic, aside from the sex. Yet, fall, he does. They text through Grindr, and hook up frequently. Eventually, Luke lets Dominic stay for sandwiches. Yes, Dominic gets too involved in Luke’s life, and Luke panics and shuts him out. But then he manages to act like an adult and communicate, which is nice.

I found Dominic to be on the immature side, and he admits the same. He went into the army at 18, did a bunch of scary stuff overseas, and then came back to a life that hadn’t changed. He’s like a puppy. Did he like Luke because he was so mature and responsible, so unlike his own crazy father? Possibly.

Even though I didn’t completely buy the relationship, I enjoyed the story. Is that weird? Dominic really struggles to break free from his high school persona, and he doesn’t want to leave his younger sister behind. Luke kind of almost loosens up, and is willing to change his mind about a lot of things to be with Dominic. The last quarter of the book, when all the family dynamics come into play, showed a network of support and love that I found really charming.

The heroes from the first book, Garrett and Kai, make appearances via their online gaming channel, and Kai is still adorable, btw.

Maybe it’s my mental slump, but the sex was the least interesting part of this book for me, and there was a lot of sex. But the authors managed to work in some plot twists and character development that engaged me, so I finished the book with warm fuzzies.

Rating: B+

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Fast Connection
by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell
Release Date: July 11, 2016

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