Review: Hers to Heal by Vonnie Davis

Reviewed by Jen

Let me start by saying there is something for everyone. Generally I am a huge fan of tortured heroes, wounded warriors, and the like. That’s the reason that I gave this book I try. And at first, while it could be a little corny at times, I thought it would be OK. Unfortunately the longer I read, the worse it got. So much so that I had to struggle to make it to the last page.

Basically this series centers around a group of Navy SEALs who were injured in service and are now healing at a place called Eagle Ridge Ranch in Texas. They are there to support each other. There are also great therapists available for them, to help heal body and mind. And at least one of the men has his mama there to help make it feel even more like family. The hero of this story, Reese Browning, lost his arm in service. His physical therapist, Gina, is an ex marine.

Reese’s injuries extend beyond his arm. He is also suffering from major PTSD. He barely speaks. Gina is fighting her own demons, which I won’t spoil, but you will figure out what they are pretty quickly if you read the book. As the story begins, she has been treating him for about a month, and he has barely spoken to her, yet there is a clear attraction there. They go from 0 to 100 in about five seconds. This Insta love will give you whiplash it happens so quickly. And that is where the problems begin.

It’s one thing for two people to fall in love and into bed really fast; it’s another thing when a child is involved. Gina is the single mother of a six-year-old girl who decides Reese is her daddy the first time she meets him. She calls him ‘Daddy’ the entire book. It really bothered me. It also really bothered me the fine point put on Reese and his buddies being manly men. It is true that there are times that Gina has reactions which are not well thought out. But he cuts her very little slack. The book treats her like an hysterical woman for having reactions which are really pretty normal. Like when he wants to join the CIA or when her child is put at risk.

On top of this, the storyline is predictable. From the moment we learned of a threat Reese’s team was investigating, it was blatantly obvious how the story would play out. And it wasn’t even believable. What are the chances? Forgive me for dropping into spoiler land for a moment, but you knew the kid was going to be kidnapped from the beginning. So why let her go into the situation where you know she’s going to be kidnapped? And then why does everyone hate on Gina for being understandably upset that her daughter was put in danger when she didn’t have to be? It was beyond eye rolling.

And then there is the language. For instant in one case, Gina leaves Reese a thong, which we find out has been worn because he can smell her “feminine essence” on it. Ew. Or this one? “She snatched his Stetson and rode him hard to the magic land of shared a erotic spirits, his thumb pressing on her clit to open the gate to her climax.” Or my personal favorite, when the hero said, “Promise me when I die, you’ll have the coroner cut off my cock and you’ll tuck it inside that sweet vagina of yours.” Do I really need to continue? I’ll spare you, except to say that even old people don’t say things like “fudge and buttermilk” when they’re upset, much less say it a dozen times.

Reese was a good enough guy, but he got over his trauma pretty easily.

I guess Gina’s vagina is not only sweet but it is also magical. It may be the only thing magical about this book.

Rating: D+

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Hers to Heal
by Vonnie Davis
Release Date: November 22, 2016
Publisher: Loveswept


  1. Shelly Browne says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this series lacked a lot.

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