Review: The Luck of Love by Serena Akeroyd

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve read this author before. Menage Material, the first book in her ‘La Belle sans la Bête’ series, is splendid. I’ve re-read it a few times it’s so good. A Menage Made on Madison, the first book in her ‘The Federation’ series was decent enough that I didn’t write off the series. I’ve had a few misses, but the hits have outnumbered them.

This is the 3rd, yes I’m keeping score, book I’ve read (not all by the same author) with the following content and no warning. If you’re going to put it in a story, I don’t care but warn me first, please.

The Luck of Love starts off with a bang. During some one on one time loving and a bit after she’d given up some back door business, one of the heroes chokes the heroine during sex. She loves it – she says she always fights it, but she always loves it. Seriously?! How is flailing and resisting sexy? I can’t say it enough, but I’m not a fan of this choking thing; I know it’s called erotic asphyxiation, but I find nothing erotic about it. It’s not cute, sexy or remotely appealing, but then again to each his own.

And because I’ve not been disgusted enough to turn off my enjoyment of this story – the heroine is a squirter. What?! This is still a romance story, right? Please say yes and the romantic expression of their love isn’t always choking and pissing the bed. Here’s the cherry on top – while he’s choking her with one hand and he’s got the other hand (and his man-part) handling the downtown bits, the peculiar release, the weird clinch and water burst free. I can’t make this up, folks. It’s a fetish porn scene and yes, this happens in the first chapter.

Gia is one of those heroines I know I should like, but I don’t. I think she’s crass and there’s little to her character I find refreshing or heartwarming. How she even got together with Josh and Lucas, I don’t know. What they saw in her, I don’t know. Going back 5/6 years before the birth of Lexi, Gia was a womb for hire. At the time Josh and Lucas were a gay couple looking for a surrogate to have their kid. She was in debt from college and needed the money. You know, not once have I ever thought of that as an option to pay down debt, but to each his own.

As the story unfolds, Lucas reveals his deployment and all of a sudden things start getting urgent in their household. Lucas is worried about this particular one because it feels different; foreshadowing perhaps? But the part of the conversation that blew me away was when Josh told Lucas that he, Josh, and Gia could never be a couple and later Gia agreed. That telling reveal is followed by unwashed body parts participating in a m/m/f sex scene in the back yard while the 5 year old is in the living room reading her book. Oh my.

The hits keep coming. Lexi’s schoolmate is teasing her about her two daddies and Josh actually calls the other 5 year old kid a bigot. Wow! I tried to figure out how that would have been different than if it was only him and Lucas but then again… I don’t care.

This is a relatively short read, 100 or so pages for the kindle version, but I’ll tell you that I never liked anyone. There’s not enough character development for me to do so. The plot has too many story lines going on and stop telling me about the SCOTUS ruling. Seriously stop it and tell me about these people and why I should like them.

By the end, I liked Gia less because she came across as some kind of wanna be harda*s and ended up as just plain old unlikeable – a heroine I couldn’t give two flips about. That scene with Gia, Robert and Louisa felt so forced and dropped in to show Gia being tough. You don’t talk to folks in their own home that way. If I were Robert and Louisa – you can take your kid and get the heck out out. I didn’t like Lucas (how old was he anyway? He’s serving 30 and he’s almost done), he’s way too mentally soft to be MP or special forces or whatever he is. I didn’t like Josh (he’s serving 30 too and almost done and I couldn’t tell his age either) because for someone who’s supposed to be the head of your household, he sure couldn’t seem to take care of the pitfalls of having an unconventional family.

There’s so much I want to know and say and I could go on about but I’m not going to spoil it for you.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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The Luck of Love
by Serena Akeroyd
Release Date: September 28, 2015
Publisher: Loose Id LLC

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