Review: The Operator by Kim Harrison

Reviewed by Jen

It feels like it’s been a long wait since I finished the first book in the series. But it was worth the wait. I do think people who have not read The Drafter would I have a hard time jumping in with this second installment, though. It builds heavily on the events of book one which was very dense and full of twists and turns.

When you’re dealing with time travel and memory loss sometimes it’s hard to know which end is up. But at least now we have a better understanding of who is really on Peri’s side. She has been out from under the thumb of Omni for about a year, but her freedom is not meant to last. As the story begins, her hiding place is discovered and she is pulled back into the life she had nearly escaped. Now though, she has the temptation of a new drug which can allow her to remember all of the events her brain forced her to forget in a draft. She would no longer need an anchor, but instead she would need to rely onĀ the drug that is an even tighter leash.

I really enjoyed the action of this book. Peri has a real race against time to deal with when she is injected with half of the cocktail against her will. That’s only compounded by the appearanceĀ another drafter who is a sociopath and bent on her destruction.

The supporting characters in this series are fantastic. From the crazy Michael to the politically savvy Bill to the street wise LB. But the ones to really shine here are Jack and Silas. Silas, because he is so clearly in love with Perry and because he is really a good guy in the middle of a terrible situation. But perhaps even more so Jack, because he is just so fascinating. He is a horrible guy, yet somehow at some points I wanted to believe otherwise. My mixed feelings about his character were only exacerbated by Peri’s hallucinations of him.

The only thing that I didn’t truly love was Peri, herself. I’m not looking for a Mary Sue, but her inner turmoil over the loss of her glamorous and powerful life as a drafter did not endear her to me. She was selfish at times and impetuous. I didn’t dislike her, but there were times where I wished she was a better person.

I did enjoy the book overall. And I was satisfied with the ending. I’m curious to see where Kim Harrison will take this series next. It seems wide open.

Rating: B+

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The Operator
by Kim Harrison
Release Date: November 22, 2016
Publisher: Pocket Books

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