Review: A Journey’s End by Ann Christopher

Reviewed by Shelly

A surprisingly sweet, sexy and compelling novella. That’s a rarity. This is my first story by Ann Christopher and will not be my last. Miranda Lowe moved to Journey’s End to open her dream business – Java Nectar. She loves her life. She loves her twin boys. She might still have a wee bit of resentment towards her ex-husband because of who he broke his marriage vows with, but it is what it is. Who she can’t get over is James Harper. James’s business is right next door and he stops in every morning for a cup of java. I really wanted to know more about him and the relationship he has with his younger brothers.

In a few short pages Christopher got me to care about Miranda, her sons and even her best friend. I liked this small town. I liked the way the residents treated each other and I especially the way they welcomed Miranda.

There’s enough story here that even while I was reading it and knowing that it’s a novella I grumbled about wanting more about this couple. James… he’s a quiet one. The tension when he came into the store was a whole lot of fun and to say you could feel it in the air is a bit of an understatement. He liked the forbidden fruit that was Miranda, but as a widower he was laden with guilt and the ‘what if he liked Miranda and something happens to her too’ syndrome. All valid in his world.

Things come to a head when a winter storm blows through town and city-slicker Miranda doesn’t listen to James. That was a sweet bit of tension and the rescue was delicious. Things happened way too fast after that considering the slow pace that happened to that point, but it didn’t take away too much.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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A Journey’s End – New Years novella
by Ann Christopher
Release Date: March 19, 2014
Publisher: Blue Iris Press

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