Review: An Unexpected Attraction by Diamond Delaney

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve read book 1 and book 2 in Diamond Delaney’s ‘Love Unexpected’ series, and I enjoyed them enough to continue with this, book 3. Jay Santorini has known Brenda Morrison since their college days. During those days, Jay was seeing Brenda’s friend Jenna; they would later marry and have twin sons. But before the marriage, Jay and Brenda had an immediate mutual attraction after which they shared a very steamy kiss and some intimate touching. That’s all that happened because Brenda remembered her friend Jenna. Brenda was a very good friend to Jenna. I can’t say the same about Jenna.

After a mutual friend, Terrence, unexpectedly dies, the group of friends get together to celebrate his life. Nick, Sophie, Brenda, Jenna and Jay were fast friends but they’ve been lax in their get togethers and this one is bitter sweet.

My expectations for Jay and Brenda’s story was high and after reading a few pages into the story, the expectations got ratcheted up a notch. Brenda wasn’t a simpering heroine. She knew what she was doing and what she wanted in her life. At least she knew what she wanted in her professional life. I think she knew what she didn’t want in her personal life, and it was rightfully anything but what her mother portrayed. Her mom was… how do I say this… not the grown up in the home. Brenda and her sister learned to be the opposite of their mother when it came to men. I want to know more about Brenda’s sister. I thought her reactions to the mother were interesting. But I digress.

Having moved to Atlanta in the last few months, Brenda’s career is flourishing and she’s doing exactly what she wants to do. After their group dinner, Jay decides that he wants to revisit what he and Brenda started all those years ago because he’s never stopped thinking about her. What I was surprised about was that Jay was happy in his marriage to Jenna. They would have still been married, except that wasn’t Jenna’s wish (the story behind their divorce is quite good). But that relationship ended ten years ago and both Jay and Jenna have moved on.

Brenda’s convinced that being with Jay romantically is a betrayal of her friendship with Jenna, but Jay’s not giving up. Things move along with Jay, Nick, Sophie, Jenna and Brenda’s friendships. Secrets are revealed and then come to find out that Brenda’s not as innocent as she would appear. As for as variety, that was probably the most interesting thing about her.

I thought the relationship between the hero and heroine could have used a lot more focus. There was too much superfluous information about the secondary characters for me to feel completely satisfied. The main story with Jay and Brenda as a couple seemed tremendously small compared to the length of the book. The intent of Jay and Brenda as a couple didn’t start until after 50% of the story. I wouldn’t normally complain because there’s an assumption that character development between the H/h happened in the 1st ½ but the couple didn’t date and had little interaction; I wish there was more of them getting to know each other in the now versus such a high dependence on their past. But then again there was a lot in their past that needed airing.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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An Unexpected Attraction
by Diamond Delaney
Release Date: January 15, 2015
Publisher: Garden Avenue Press

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