Review: Black Bullet by LD Rose

Reviewed by Jen

Part of me wishes I had waited longer to try this series because then I would have more books to glom through at once. I picked this up right on the heels of Releasing the Demons, and now I am sad I have to leave this world. LD Rose is one heck of a writer.

If you like your PNR dark, then you should definitely give this a try. (Though I advise you to start with the first book in the series.) The vampires in this book are not sparkly or shiny. They’re not misunderstood or romantic. They are killers. They believe in torture. And they will do anything to get what they want. Or who they want.

Our hero is Jon. We met him in the last book. And despite what I just said about vampires, John is a special one. He is a singularity. It really wasn’t explained why in the first book, but here we learn exactly what makes him so different. He still has his soul. But this is not what he wanted for himself. Part of him wishes he would’ve died the day that he turned, but as he meets our heroine, that all starts to change.

Lawan is a hybrid. But she is not part of the group that has already been introduced. She has been living on her own under the radar for years. And as miserable and tortured as Jon is, she is even more so. She endured horrific torture at the hands of two vampires. She wants no one in her life as a result. But when her path crosses with Jon’s, there is no turning back, at least for him.

I appreciated the fact that the author did not rush to create a relationship between these two, especially a physical one. Lawan is a hot mess, but she should be in light of her history. It’s really quite gratifying to see Jon break down her walls and for her to break down his. They are both so very damaged. But together they start to rebuild.

There’s not as much time spent with the supporting characters in this book as the last, or at least it didn’t seem like it. I want more of┬áthe other hybrids. But we do get a little deeper glimpse of Rome. He is fascinating.

A few little niggles, in that some small things didn’t entirely make sense. For instance, how Veronica’s big news worked with the earlier information about the hybrid physiology. Or why exactly John’s sire haunted him the way that he did, at least in the physical sense. I needed a little bit of explaining there.

But the writing is just fantastic. It put me right inside of the story. The characters had depth and was totally invested in them and in their romance. Now I want more. It looks like there was a fair amount of time between the first two installments. I hope there is not so long of a wait for book 3.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by author

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Black Bullet
by LD Rose
Release Date: November 9, 2016
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

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