Review Hooked by Brenda Rothert

Reviewed by Joanna

Miranda is a hotel maid as well as working a bar job and studying for a business degree. She has no time, literally, for douche bag guys. Which is exactly what Jake is. He’s the guy staying in the penthouse she’s cleaning, and he’s a famous hockey star and a real piece of work. A womanizer with a crappy attitude, he decides (after seeing her once) that Miranda will be his next conquest. He throws away the phone number of the stripper he just bedded and buys an economy pack of condoms just for our girl, then stalks her to her bar job. Classy guy.

Unfortunately for Jake, he’s also been ordered to date the boss’s crazy AF daughter following an entanglement with her. If he doesn’t do it, he’ll be benched. He’s the captain, so though this seemed pretty unlikely, it’s the plot (and it serves him right).

At four chapters in, I was wondering how on earth this guy was going to become a hero. He has mood swings, is somewhat childish, and he says things like this:

“Being a hockey player is like a golden ticket to Pussytown. Women who know what I do for a living spread their legs without me even asking them to. I’m not much on puck sluts, but I’ve done them in a pinch.”

Puck sluts? The term is ‘puck bunnies’, and if these ladies want to pursue ice hockey players, good for them. Calling them sluts for doing exactly what he’s doing – enjoying sex? Blood. Boiling.

But he watches Miranda whilst women try to chat him up, instead of hooking up with them, and there’s no further condoms in his bin (as she cleans up after him) so he’s not sleeping with anyone else. Plus the main answer why the romance works? Miranda fancies him as he had a hot body.

*eyebrow cocked in displeasure*

“When I push my cleaning cart into his room that morning, he’s sitting at the desk in his suite, wearing athletic shorts that give me a nice view of his muscular legs, a T-shirt and dark-rimmed reading glasses. The glasses are unexpectedly hot.”

I almost quit the book for having too little depth to the characters. I liked Miranda but she gave herself up so easily. Her rationale and resolve disappeared as soon as a hot guy wanted her.

The pace kept me reading, and as I persisted, I enjoyed the story more. Jake grew on me a little, but I never thought he was good enough for Miranda. He did try though. After pursuing her relentlessly, getting her a-hole boss to assign her to his suite ongoing (causing her boss to assume she was sleeping with the guy), and getting her to choose the flooring for his new apartment, he then decides he doesn’t want to sleep with her. Whereas this was actually quite refreshing, it was confusing as he was clearly in love with Miranda.

Jake wanted ‘relationship sex’, but just didn’t want to be in a relationship. Man did not know himself one bit. Miranda had the opposite view. She initially thought of herself as ‘just a maid whilst he’s such a big star’ and didn’t want to fall in love despite wanting to jump his bones frequently. The sexual tension drifted on, allowing the relationship to develop.

The fake dating Jake did with the crazy woman caused a fuss but it wasn’t overblown or overworked – the author worked this into an interesting scenario I wasn’t expecting. And the poor girl/rich boy elements diminished leaving them almost as equals in taking forward their HEA.

There were parts of this I liked, the ending particularly had me grinning, but overall it lacked a bit of depth. I’ll read this author again as I’ve heard good things.

Rating: C+

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by Brenda Rothert
Release Date: December 6, 2016
Publisher: Loveswept

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