Review: Hunt the Dawn by Abbie Roads

Reviewed by Jaimie

Hunt the Dawn is the second book in the Fatal Dreams series by Abbie Roads.  The first book was reviewed by Jen and it wasn’t for her, but I really enjoyed it so I jumped in to read the second installment.  In order for me to enjoy a book with psychic elements, the story must be really good, and I liked Hunt the Dawn even more than Race the Darkness.  The heroine has survived hell and come out on top and while she lets the hero help her, she is a badass in her own right.

We were introduced to Lathan Montgomery in Race the Darkness, but very little was revealed about him.  With the ability to see other people’s memories through scent, he is a very valuable asset to the FBI. Unfortunately, this ability hits him at times when he cannot control it and the sensations are overwhelming.  This has led him to a very lonely life.  All that changes when he comes across a scene where a woman is being attacked, and he intervenes.

Evanee Brown had a horrible childhood at the hands of her step-brother.  Her mother was never there to help or protect her, so at a very young age she learned to fight and stand up for herself.  When said step-brother corners her and begins trying to attack her again, she refuses to go down without a fight.  Luckily for her, Lathan rolls up at the exact right time.  She instinctively trusts him even though it sounds crazy, and despite his overwhelming size and the tattoo on his face.  When he takes her back to his house to clean up, Evanee falls asleep and into a nightmare. Only when she wakes up from the nightmare, she’s holding a human eyeball.

When Lathan and his friend and partner Gill realize that Evanee has somehow gotten ahold of the eyeball of a victim of a serial killer that to date only those two even knew existed, things turn even more bizarre.  Evanee continues to have her dreams bringing back pieces of people that were brutally murdered by a serial killer they have called the Strategist. Between the dreams, her mother dying, whatever this thing is with Lathan, Evanee is working on overload.  Gill then suggests that she go to the dream clinic that was founded by the hero from the first book, Xander’s father.

Some things I really enjoyed about this one were that for once it wasn’t the innocent virgin heroine and the experienced but now suddenly reformed hero.  When Lathan experienced his first kiss my heart melted a little.  I also really liked that the story didn’t drag on – the action kept going and kept me interested. I read the whole thing in one sitting.  And I loved both the hero and the heroine.

There was one big thing that irked me at the end but I don’t want to give away too much about the ending.  Let’s just say that I was not impressed with Evanee’s handling of a certain situation. Also she never finds out that Lathan was a virgin which seemed like a potentially emotional scene but then it never went anywhere.

Overall I really enjoyed this one and I hope there will be more books in the series.  The story moved fast but not so fast that it felt overly rushed, the hero and heroine were great, and I enjoy the mystery surrounding the powers these couples have.

Rating: B+

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Hunt the Dawn
by Abbie Roads
Release Date: December 6, 2016
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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