Review: In Deep by Brenda Rothert

Reviewed by Joanna

This is a sweet and straightforward love story, set in the town of Lovely. The hero and heroine were both in book one, but this is standalone so you don’t need to have read that.

April has taken a job in a home for pregnant teens, run by her best friend Ivy. She’s somewhat mousy-looking and not particularly experienced with guys, and she attracts the attention of Mason Lockhart, Ivy’s fella’s brother. He’s hot, a happy whore, and at first dismisses April casually without realizing she’s within earshot. She holds this against him, well, at least until he ends up holding something much more interesting against her.

But our H&H want different things. Mason doesn’t love, he’s long shut off those feelings after a bad college relationship, and April’s been husband hunting for a few years.

Mason also had a pastime that no one knows about. He’s wealthy and has chosen to invest in an unusual business proposition. I’d like to have seen more of it, but this book was much more centered on the teen-preg house and on the residents of Lovely.

The story was fine, and though lots of dramatic things happened, none of it was edge-of-your-seat drama. I wish it had been, as it might’ve made me feel more for Mason and April. Don’t get me wrong, they were alright, but I didn’t get so many of those aw moments or chest pains when the love came or was thwarted.

April knew what she wanted and she held her own, but I found every now and again she’d be unnecessarily sharp, and I couldn’t work out why. Mason was somewhat flat with little going on in his head. He was more Like Girl, Want Girl. Does Not Compute Why Sad. He didn’t get me going until right near the end.

This is a gentle story, including looking at the lost love of an older woman in the town, and the sad state some of the preg teens are in. There were a couple of loose ends to be tied up, but I guess that’ll come up in the next book. It is HEA per couple so April and Mason are done.

Overall a little too sweet for my blood, but if you like community sagas, you might enjoy this. I liked the first book better.

Rated: B-

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In Deep
by Brenda Rothert
Release Date: July 10, 2015
Publisher: Silver Sky Publishing

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